The Decision

I have picked my side.

I hate Dwayne Wade.  I’m turned off by the Miami scene, more often than not.  I’ve criticized the team, the entire Heat organization, and virtually every player (with the exception of Chris Bosh)…

… and I’m rooting for them to win it all.

BEEN a witness...

Quite clearly, I’m a fan of Lebron James.  Completely out of the closet there (literally).  Shirts from then to now.  Buyin’ that shit since before the Thunder existed, ya know?

I have nothing personal against the Oklahoma City Thunder players.  Same can’t be said for Clay Bennett, Aubrey McClendon, and anyone else who lied.  As for their fans, well, most are my enemy.  The fans who claim to be basketball fans to their core.  Fans who had a great group dropped in their laps, and then act as if this is some unbelievable moment that they’ve longed and waited for.  The team hasn’t even been around for 5 years.  You haven’t bled, sweat, cried, fought, rejoiced, and loved at all.  99% weren’t in ’til it was on.  Fake – you know you’re phony… get the fuck from in front of me.

So, just moments before the first game, that’s where I stand.  Here’s hoping the King claims that ring.

– Wes Lilliman


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