SOSB’s Unapologetically Shitty Free Agency Rumor Of The Day for 7/8/14

What can we say about Basketball reporting and/or journalism in 2014? It is what it is, man. I mean, we’re left with but a few choices in this anything-goes shitfest of scurrilous rumors, half-truths and just plain transparently made-up bullshit attributed to the oh-so-ubiquitous “sources”. You can either:

A) Read everything, pretend it’s all real and bathe in the erotic fan-fiction of it all.

B) Read everything, shake an angry fist at the sky.

C) Ignore most of it, wait for the small handful of credible reporters to verify it.

D) Start reading Backgammon blogs.

What we should do, above all else, is not get angry. Nope, best thing to do is take it all in with a smile and a “boy, was that a wacky rumor” type of attitude. Let it amuse, not confuse.

And better yet, have some fun with it. If these sites want click thru’s by any means necessary, I say we give it to them. Let the world gaze upon their empty rhetoric and innuendo, I say!

So, yeah. With that in mind, I bring you the very first Totally Asinine Rumor of the Day, courtesy of Alex Kennedy at Cut & Paste BBall Aggregator site


That’s right people. You heard the man. The Miami Heat are trying to trade Mario Chalmers for, well, presumably somebody more useful than Mario Chalmers.

In semi-related news, all 30 teams are currently trying to trade one or more of their shitty players for less shitty players.

Funny thing is, this wasn’t even my first choice. Amazingly, the very same Alex Kennedy had a tweet earlier in the day claiming LeBron had just emerged from his meeting with Pat Riley and was in a jovial mood. Problem was, LeBron was in fact coming out of his meeting with Nike execs, as the Riley meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. I would have posted that tweet here, but old Alex deleted it before I had the chance to grab it, the scoundrel.



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