Ron Artest’s weatherman cameo is great, but it’s nowhere close to the greatest thing he’s ever done on television (and other favorite sports moments that have yet to make it to youtube)


2013 Internet beats ass. What I mean is, there used to be a time when what ever amazing clip, movie scene or oddity that was unavailable to you had to exist only  as an anecdote you told other people about and if you were super lucky, you might actually stumble on someone who actually knew what the fuck you were talking about. Well, slowly but surely all of that stuff has made it’s way into the internet.  Still, I was reminded today of one of those after I watched Metta World Peace’s guest weatherman performance the other night.  you have an impromptu list of clips you are hoping pop up on youtube on some point but thus far never have? Well, my top three are:

-This really weird fucking video from Fred Roggin’s NBC weekend sports show (in like 1989, mind you) where they ran this tribute to one of their departing producers and it was a chimpanzee in the control room running the show, the highlight of which was the chimp telling the chyron guy to put up a Ralph Sampson graphic, only to have the guy enter it as Raliph Sammins”. It was weird, it was brilliant, and thinking back on it now, there’s a 25% or so chance that is racist as fuck. Thankfully, I’ll never know the answer to that one.

-The second “Chris Mullin Show” sketch from The Chris Rock show. The first one is on youtube and it’s funny, but it’s nothing like the other one. That one features a celebrity three point shootout with special guest Maya Angelou, who is steady throwing up airballs while Mullin berates her with “Cmon…I thought you were supposed to be an exceptional woman?!?!?”.

-Ron Artest’s St. John’s press conference when he announced his intentions to go pro. I Had it on VHS for years and somewhere along the line it vanished. You know the on-court interview he gave Doris Burke after the Lakers won the Title in 2010? It’s like that, only 20 minutes long and filled with random shoutouts, forays into the crowd and a thinly-veiled allusion to the copious amount of sex he’d be having in the near future.

God, I wish i had that tape.



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