I just. I mean. What the.

Is it racist? it sure feels like it, somehow, but don’t ask me, I’m still trying to figure out what the fuck it is. The beard has a horizontal braid. The mohawk looks like two day old poop. They couldn’t even get their shit together enough to put the ball in correct hand of the left-handed Harden and while it’s not as egregious an error as making Shoeless Joe Jackson bat from the WRONG FUCKING SIDE OF THE PLATE in “Field of Dreams”, it’s still the kind of lazy thing that bums me out.

What was the inspiration for this? I mean, unless you tell me someone in the Rockets’ marketing department was a big fan of “Trilogy of Terror”, I’m at a total fucking loss.

Shit, the Rockets are on an other-wordly roll these days. They got Harden for a song last summer, they are a shoe-in to make the playoffs and now, they’ve got a mad genius designing their bobbleheads, or did you forget about the Jeremy Lin “smiling white man/Wally Szczerbiak” model that came out earlier this year?


Anyway, I’m expecting all kinds of complaints or whatever but me, I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts and hope the Omer Asik model doesn’t come out looking like Andre the Giant or some shit.

Wait, did I say doesn’t?



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