Donald “Slick” Watts is Nak’s baller of the day for 12/17/12.

Donald “Slick” Watts.
This is some before my time stuff but Hathwell sent me this picture Of Spencer Hawes and it got me to thinking.

Who was the first NBA player to wear a headband? What would they think of Spencer Hawes and his headband over his Mullin-in-his-drinking-days haircut? Turns out the answer is Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt wore what was not a conventional headband by today’s standards, but the style was perfected and popularized by Donald “Slick” Watts. Slick was also one of the first to rock the bald head look. Needless to say Slick would probably throw up if he saw Spencer Hawes in this get up…


…Or this one.




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