Mike Brown is in over his head

Talking, or even thinking about the Lakers is a drag right now. Losing sucks. Failing to live up to expectations is a special kind of pain al it’s own. Disappointment. Two games in and the Lakers are like getting socks from Christmas when you were 9 years old, or a greeting card from your grandparents with no money in it.

It’s a rather large bum out, really. Mike Brown isn’t the right coach for this team. Spending on a 100 million on players and entrusting them to Brown? Bad idea.  Buy a Bentley and let a blind guy drive it, yo.Somehow, Brown got it in his head that the only way to deal with three guys who are used to being the focal point of a team is to install a socialist offense, so that nobody is offended by being made the second or third option and he doesn’t have to stand up to anyone on his team. Call it cowardly or stupid. Take your pick, really.

Anyway, the last few days really have been a hoot, watching every single ex-player talking head on television scoff at the Princeton offense being run with this personnel. A team built to score in transition is walking the ball up and getting no scores in transition. A team that features Steve Nash, a decision making wizard, choosing to take the ball out of his hands and make him a stand still jump shooter. It’s hilarious, and there’s no explanation that’s gonna work for me.

How fucked is that? Forsake the known commodities that are Steve Nash’s playmaking and Pau Gasol and Dwight Howards’ ability to run the floor for easy baskets, two huge advantages, so that no feathers are ruffled. I’m laughing at the notion of Phil Jackson coming in and doing something like this so he can avoid telling Dwight or Nash that they aren’t the big dog on this team.

Princeton, for dummies.

Seriously, now. What was the point of trading for Steve Nash if you are gonna take the ball out of his hands and stick him in the corner? Was trading away multiple first round picks for a guy who can’t defend and isn’t going to run the offense a sound decision? I remember shaking my head all of last year every time some suggested Nash would end up with the Heat for the same reason. Why would Nash sign on to do that when he’s still one of the very best playmakers in the game? My guess is he wouldn’t. Yet here he is, sent to his room like the kid who borrowed mom’s car without asking and shit.

And with all of that said, this team can still win when they grasp the offense because really, they are just too good not to.  Yeah, it’s ridiculous and ill-concieved and hopefully destined for the scrap heap, but they’ll be able to make it work because they have four of the best players in the world. I would have liked to see them run the Steve fucking Nash offense for awhile before deciding it couldn’t work, but that bird has flown now. I mean, was Brown that terrified of one of his superstars being frozen out by Steve Nash of all people that he couldn’t let him do his thing with all of that talent at his disposal? Is he that afraid to stand up to Kobe and Dwight Howard?

For his part, Kobe is saying all the right things in public, but the body language of he and really, the entire team says it all, as does the 116 points they gave up to Portland. Let a few more losses pile up and see if that stance changes. I myself am rather certain it will.

So yeah, that’s where we’re at. The Lakers could have more or less gone out with no plan of attack and beaten Dallas and Portland on sheer talent alone and the strength of Steve Nash’s pick & roll game, but for the sake of learning an ill-fitting system, they got their asses handed to them. Safe bet that their gonna get waxed on (and off) by the Clippers tonight as well. Either they’ll get it right or they won’t, and onlytime will sort that out for us, but no matter how well they master it, it’s simply the wrong offense for this roster. Period.

Me? I’m ready to see the Steve Nash offense. That’s what I thought we were getting when they traded for him. The sooner, the better.


-John Hathwell



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