Adam Morrison's return to the NBA (!!!) and other stuff that's happened in the last week or so

And all the Angels sing or whatever.

Yeah, it’s a one year deal for the league minimum. Yeah, he’s unlikely to get any playing time that does involve mop-up duty in 30 point blowouts?

Not gonna let that fuck with my enthusiasm levels. Hey, this guy once scored 30 points per game for an entire season. College or not, that ain’t nothing to sneeze at. He’s still got it in him to make it rain buckets. I know he does. This is just the first chapter of one of the great redemption stories.

I just know it is.

The NBA ressurection of Ammo wasn’t just great news, it served as a reminder that we are a scant two weeks away (11 days really) from the opening of NBA training camps. That’s how it works now. The minute you forget about one of the big three sports, you are reminded that the season starts in less than a month. That’s both good and bad, I suppose.

Yep. Still Weird.

This season ain’t gonna lack for drama. I Promise. As a Laker fan, I find myself feeling deeply ambivalent about this new team, like the off-season victories will now result in a joyless, hate-filled season that really boils down to “championship or bust”. As dizzying as the prospect of Nash-Kobe-Howard might be, it’s kind of hard to imagine enjoying this year unless the Lakers go 82-0 and sweep the Playoffs.

This year will feature the New York wars and the defending Champion Heat and the Still-standing Celtics and the “out for redemption” Thunder and the new Super Lakers and a whole bunch of other intriguing little storylines and honestly, it’s almost guaranteed to be a great year.

What else?

Football is back. A bunch of teams won in week one and then lost in Week 2. 20 of the 32 teams are 1-1 after 2 weeks and only six are 2-0. Parity, or whatever. If I was any of the other 21 teams in the league, I’d be terrified of the 49ers right now. they really looks like they’ve put it all together. Yeah, Alex Smith isn’t exactly Joe Montana, but we’ve seen more than a few QB’s worse than him hoist the Lombardi trophy.

Yeah, and those replacement refs are dogshit. Seriously. Stop the violence already.

This sums up the 12th round rather nicely.

Oh, the Sergio Martinez-Julio Caesar Chavez, Jr. fight
, the one that was set up as a “we’ll sacrifice our big box office draw Chavez to a superior, if less known or marketable fighter (Martinez) so long as we get paid twice as much to do it” scenario ended up being 11 rounds of a Martinez beatdown and then, out of nowhere, three of the best minutes of boxing you’ll ever see. Just like that, Chavez landed several nasty blows to the head and body of Martinez, who seemed less concerned with coasting to sure victory and more concerned with knocking Chavez out, by hook or by crook. Instead, Sergio suffered two knockdowns and essentially survived the closing moments of a fight he still ended up winning by lopsided scores.

If this fight didn’t do big business, the rematch will be almost guaranteed to, and if you believe in the old “sometimes when you lose, you actually win” adage (and I do) then you know this fight did more for Chavez’ reputation than any of his victories ever have.

I love Boxing for countless reasons. For drama, almost nothing can fade a fistfight, and in the annals of fistfights, it scarcely gets more dramatic than the end of this one. So much so in fact, that it rendered the previous 11 one-sided rounds essentially moot.

Of course, Chaves tested positive for marijuana post-fight, so who the fuck knows what comes next.

Still, I love me some Boxing, and saturday night was another reminder why.

Yeah, I have a position on the “Yunel Escobar gay slur” story, but I’m going save it for a much longer, ranting post.

One more thing. Wearing your hat like this looks so fucking dumb. Yeah, I know it’s been the style for 10 years or more. Still looks stupid. They do call it “wearing” after all, not “dangling precariously” and shit.



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