Fun with Laker haterisms, part 1: Steve Nash's poor defense will cost the Lakers the championship

Gonna make my best effort to tackle all of the most-well worn anti-Laker sentiments, even if there certainly isn’t any shortage of them. Like it or not, the Lakers are the most hated upon of the NBA franchises, and by a substantial margin. They occupy the same “most hated/ most loved” space as the Dallas cowboys and the New York Yankees. Such is life as the glamour team.

Anyway, these entries will discuss well-worn Laker perceptions and/or misconceptions, in the entirely reasonable, objective manner for which i am renowned. 



This one might seem reasonable to those who don’t follow the team closely, but to anyone who watches Laker games consistently, this is laughable.

Look, I get it. If you are anti-Kobe or anti purple & gold in general, you’re basically shit out of luck at this point and are looking desperately for something to latch onto, now matter how preposterous it may seem. I can dig it. Thing is, as reasons why this team can’t win go, it ain’t worth a damn.

No more free trips into the lane in L.A.

As an Laker fan would love to remind you, they haven’t had a decent PG defender since Derek Fisher was a whippersnapper and even then, he never excelled against the quicker guards.Needless to say, old Fisher couldnt stay in front of a mummy, and god bless ’em, Steve Blake was only marginally better. Oh, and trading for Fish for Ramon Sessions may have helped the offense a little but it opposing guards had the same free reign to drive that they’d had when fisher was there.

Point is, defensively speaking it’ll be the same as it ever was with Nash in there, essentially no worse or better than before, only the offense is likely to run 10 x smoother than it did prior once they work the kinks out.

Not only that, but Andrew Bynum, a great big guy who blocked the occasional shot but most likely took his sweet time rotating or showing on pick & rolls has now been replaced by Dwight Howard, a perennial defensive player of the year candidate who gives all but the bravest men in the game a reason to think twice before venturing into the paint. In light of this, it could be argued the Lakers defense will in fact be better next year, not worse.

Face it, Laker haters, as reasons for why they might fail go, this one is rather shitty.

You’re better off buying a Kobe voodoo doll and praying for injuries.

Don’t do that, though. Please.

-John Hathwell


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