I root for Adam Morrison. You should too: A story in pictures.

To some he’s the butt of endless jokes,  to me he’s still that badass, droopy-shouldering hippie lookin’ scoring machine that dropped THIRTY A GAME at Gonzaga before Jordan Farmar and Luc M’bah a Moute tore his still beating heart out his chest in the 2006 NCAA tournament. He’s also the guy who has persevered through crippling Diabetes, unfair pre-draft comparisons to Larry fucking Bird and a severe blow out of the ACL in his left knee after his rookie season, all of which conspired to put a dash in his hoops dreams.

Hey, it was one thing to struggle to get your shot off against bigger faster guys in the NBA when healthy, but trying to accomplish that feat with a bad wheel proved impossible. Still, I always pulled for Morrison to make a return to form, and when the lakers traded for him in 2009 I was pretty pumped about the prospects of him experiencing a career rebirth under Phil Jackson.

Of course, no such miracle occurred, and Morrison found a nice comfy seat on the bench for his year and a half in LA before finding himself plying his trade in Europe. When I saw a story last year of Ammo tearing it up for KK Crvena Zvezda in the EuroLeague, I smiled. “Only, a matter of time before he makes it back to the states”, I thought.

Well, that time is now, as Morrison has what amounts to a tryout with the Nets summer league team. Since the Nets are going to be way, way, waaaaay over the salary cap, their going to need some good, cheap labor. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Yeah, I root for this dude to make it back to the league and maybe even do well enough to make people forget all those nasty things they said about him. In the meantime, here’s the Adam Morrison story, in pictures.


 Sad to say it, but this is what Morrison is most known for. Hey, that’s what happens when you get caught crying on TV is front of millions of people after blowing a 13 point point lead with 8 minutes left in the NCAA Tournament. Blame Jordan Farmar, Darren Collison and the craziest steal I’ve ever seen in a basketball game (how many times have you seen a guy dive on a ball in mid-dribble???), courtesy of Luc Mbah Moute.

I’m pretty sure Morrison still does.


 I don’t know about you, but I feel like this picture of the just drafted Morrison tells us alot in hindsight. Like, maybe that’s the face of a guy who has been compared to Larry Bird and was just drafted #3 by Michael Jordan’s team? That expression is the living manifestation of that kind of pressure.

 Things get blurry after a rough rookie season in which Ammo shot a miserable 37.6 % from the field and had some of his minutes taken by the illustrious Matt Carroll. Word on the streets was that Morrison was slaving away in the gym that off-season, determined to bounce back and prove he belonged. Maybe he was in an angry place then. Maybe he had a “fuck the world” mentality. Maybe he was just listening to alot of Doobie Brothers records that summer. Whatever the reason, my man came back to camp with the longest hair I’ve ever seen on an NBA payer, narrowly edging out Pervis Ellison’s runaway dreads.

I mean, he played in NBA games with that shit.

 Sadly, shit was about to get worse.

 I can’t really tell you what’s going on here because I can’t say that I know for sure. This could be some Brittney Spears parody-type stuff, or this could be a meltdown related to the torn ACL he suffered shortly before the start of his second season. How do I know?

Either way, it ain’t a good look.

 New haircut, same old forlorn Adam, hoping for some playing time and a chance to erase the memory of his Bobcat experience. Instead, he rode the bench for two solid years and inspired countless “Adam Morrison has more rings than ________” jokes.

It’s one thing to say shit like that about some stiff like DJ Mbenga or whatever, but a guy with Ammo’s credentials deserves better.

 Next stop, Serbia. With the threat of an NBA lockout looming and the reality that no NBA team was knocking down his door, the best move was a trip overseas for a guaranteed paycheck and maybe even a career rebirth. Truth is, he played pretty well for two different European teams last year. He also almost had to beat some ass.

Now a week shy of 28th birthday, Adam is getting a shot with the Nets’ summer league team in Orlando. Not a contract. Not even a real tryout. Just a chance to make something happen and maybe catch on with a team that is need of cheap labor after breaking the bank this summer, committing over 280 MILLION DOLLARS in guaranteed contracts to Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace. chances are the Nets are going to be looking to sign a few crusty vets for the league minimum and maybe, just maybe, Morrison will be on them.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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One more thing.

Do you remember otter pops?

Do you see the resemblance here? Ain’t it freaky?






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