The Essential SOSB/Gang Starr Tracker

So Wes and I love us some Gang Starr. In fact, it might one of the only places where our music tastes intersect, save for Phil Collins and some smooth ealry 80’s R & B. Wes had the idea to work a Guru lyric into one of his posts, and I loved it enough to run with it. Now it’s turned into a full-blown challenge: Everytime one of us is going to post, the other one has to pick the song they need to pull a quote from. Hopefully, this little exercise will serve the dual purpose of educating our readership and giving a healthy boost to our already fledgling street-cred.One can only hope.


“… check a movie or some shit like that…”

Song: “The Planet” (Hard to Earn)

Article: The Sunday Morning Lament

“… feeling satisfaction from the street crowd reaction…”

Song: “Dwyck” (Hard to Earn)

Article: Lebron Has Made Fools of The Skeptics…

“… you know you’re phony – get the fuck from in front of me…”

Song: “Suckas Need Bodyguards” (Hard to Earn)

Article: The Decision

“… not the frantic, freak type… but if you speak right… you get to take me out and dig me out on a weeknight…”

Song: “She Knows What She Wantz” (Moment of Truth)

Article: In the Heat of the Now

“… no regrets for doing shit I had to do.  I was hardheaded, and yeah I still am, too…”

Song: “Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)” (“Trespass” Soundtrack)

Article: And Now, the Five Nicest Things I Can Say About Hockey

“… hotter than sex and candle wax…”

Song: “You Know My Steez” (Moment of Truth)

“… how far must you go to gain respect?  Um…”

Song: “Alongwaytogo” (Hard to Earn)

Article: Game 1 – Welcome to the Thunderdome

“I knew this chump, see… he tried to play me.  He was my right-hand man, but he betrayed me…”

Song: “Execution of a Chump” (Step in the Arena)

“… what about things we discussed?  About having trust?  What’s all this attitude stuff?”

Song: “Lovesick” (Step in the Arena)

Article: Game 2 – The Legend of Russell B. Free

“…He has to be the illest brother to gain respect”

Song: “Illest Brother” (Daily Operation)

“Originality overflows in me…”

Song: “Take it Personal” (Daily Operation)

Article: Game 3 – Who’s Gonna Take The Weight?

“… still tryin’ to convince us some more… pretendin’ he’s raw… that’s what you need a minister for…”

Song: “Skills” (The Ownerz)

“… ’cause they ain’t all cracked up to what they should be…”

Song: “It’s Gettin’ Hectic” (Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol. 1)

Article: Game 4 – We Got Fooled Again

“… it’s time to go downtown and make some more rounds…”

Song: “Take Two and Pass” (Daily Operation)

“… this year, suckas were goin’ nowhere…”

Song: “I’m The Man” (Daily Operation)

Article: Game 5 – Flame On


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