So, who tanked the hardest to avoid an unfavorable playoff matchup on this, the final day of the NBA season?

Why the Philadelphia 76ers did, sending this formidable lineup out to face the lowly Detroit Pistons.




Now, I’m not saying they benched Andre Iguodala, Lou Williams, Thaddeus Young, Jrue Holliday and Elton Brand and played some dude named Xavier Silas for 20 minutes so they could lose to the Pistoles and avoid a first-round series with the Heat in favor of a series with a Chicago team they match up better with.

Fuck, that’s exactly what I’m saying. My bad.

On the flipside, the Nuggets sent their A-team out to destroy the Wolves in order to secure a date with the Lakers and avoid being cannon fodder for Oklahoma City. The result was a 131-102 sodomizing of said Wolves.

And now, at long last, the NBA playoff bracket is set in stone. We’ll be back soon with a first round preview.

-John Hathwell


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