True story:

My Girlfriend Sara and I were watching A Clipper/Nugget game a few weeks back when Ralph Lawler said, “Kosta Koufos checks in for the first time tonight”.

Sara: “Did Ralph just call that guy a Goofus???” 

Me: “Would you blame him if he did? Look at the dude.”

Sara “No. Damn“.

Well, there’s what Rod Stewart sang about back in the day, and then there’s a guy like Kosta. Yeah, he makes over a million dollars a year to play a kids’ game, but shit, money ain’t everything, you know? Then again, a sense of humor goes a long ways, especially a self-depricating one. Kosta is a character, and there are few qualities more precious than the ability to make fun of oneself.

I mean, he’s good buddies with a supervillain from the planet krypton. Life could be worse.

Still, losing your hair before your 23rd birthday is a tough pill to swallow for anyone, and the neckbeard is just adding insult to injury. Somehow, though, Kosta maintains a sunny disposition. And yes, he’s got his fair share of fans, as evidenced by this youtube comp. entitled “the REAL Kosta Koufos higlight video”.

And if the basketball thing ever goes sour for him, he’s got a fallback career as a dancin’…


Dancin’…Dancin’ machine!

Love this dude. So do the Nuggets, who just gave him a three year deal and are shopping The Birdman to clear the way for Koufos to take his spot in the rotation. Everybody loves Koufos, it would appear.

Oh, and he’s got the same Birthday as Honus Wagner. Don’t ask me to explain why that makes perfect sense. It just does.

-John Hathwell


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