How happy would you be to be relieved of your duties as caretaker for the biggest collection of wayward knuckleheads since the Jailblazers of the early 2000’s ran roughshod over the pacific northwest racking up arrests and hurling racial epithets at their own coach? Hardly feels like punishment to me. If you really think the guy is doing a lousy job (and he was), why not force him to finish the year and actually earn his salary instead of sending him home with his entire 2012 salary?

Oh, and what kind of heinous crimes has Randy Wittman perpetrated against humanity to deserve this lot?  I don’t know how often assistant coaches turn down interim gigs but this feels like a good place to start. If ever there was such a thing as a no-win situation, this is it.

Regardless, it’s just another comedic episode in the farce that is the Wizards. Look, we’ve all seen plenty of bad teams over the year, some far worse than this one is, at least record-wise. Hell, just last year the Cavs set the record for consecutive losses. Thing is, that team lost because it had no talent. These Wizards lose because they just might be the most exquisite collection of selfish ballhogs, space cadets and clueless kids the NBA has ever seen, and instead of shipping some of these bums out of there and trying to field a team full of blue-collar guys who will at least play hard give the fans something to feel good about, they keep trotting out the same guys who got them in this situation in the first place.

For the love of god, Why?

Is the idea that they are gonna just wake up one day and magically turn into a team full of selfless players and ace defenders and shit.

It’s reached maddening proportions at this point. It’s bad enough that they’ve already let this kind of culture set in around their potential franchise savior John Wall, so much so that it may be too late to turn back now. The only thing worse is the fact that Andray Blatche is still on this team. Somebody explain to me how the Wizards could possibly ignore the fact that Blatche is widely regarded as the biggest headcase in the NBA and continue to send this guy out every night to play next to young guys who actually show promise? Here’s a good question: Do you know how many NBA players hear less boos on the road than they do at home? There’s only one, my friends, and he’s getting paid over six million dollars this year by the Wizards to shoot 38%, get in arguments with his coach and give writers priceless quotes on a daily basis.

You know what else? This shit is making my head hurt, and I’m sick of writing about this helpless bunch.

Good luck to Randy Wittman. I wouldn’t wish this mess on anyone.

-John Hathwell


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