Not sure that I have anything original to add to the great Tebow debate, but I’ll give a whirl anyway.

The magic of this whole thing lies in the idea that good, bad or otherwise, everyone seems to give a shit. No matter how hard ESPN pushes the story, they didn’t create it. They are just cashing in like everyone else. That’s how phenomenons work, after all. Everyone wants a piece, and they’ll suck every last ounce out juice out of it before moving on to the next big story.

Me, I’ve had a fucking blast watching the whole thing unfold and like a good movie, I’ve been living in fear that it’s going to end sooner than later. As much fun as it’s been to watch half of the world get all riled up about how overrated/lucky Tebow is, as much as I’ve enjoyed watching the parade of “experts”  denounce his abilities and laugh at his piss poor throwing mechanics only to end up with egg on their faces, as great as it is to watch Timmy give the same “awww shucks, my teammates and lord deserve credit for this, not me” interviews week after week, I know it can only go so far.

Of course, we all left him for dead last week when we heard Denver would get the Steelers in the first round, but beating New England on the road is going to require a different kind of miracle altogether.

No matter. Even if they get pounded next week, we still got so much more than we ever bargained for. Listen, nobody is going to forgot Tim Tebow’s 2011 anytime soon. There’s no way I will. I’ll have the lasting memory of all the comebacks, the unfathomable level of anger from the infidels, and best of all, the sweet nectar of irony that was the last play of the Steeler game.

I mean there was Tim Tebow, making a throw all the talking heads said he couldnt make. The throw the Steeler defense was practically begging him to make by bringing everyone to the line and having the safety Ryan Mundy fake the blitz. They were saying “go ahead noodle arm, we doudle-dog-dare you!”. And make it he did. Straight out of the movies, that toss.

Trust me, I loved every last bit of it. Me, I hope we wins the whole thing, just for the sheer pandemonium it would cause.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

-John Hathwell

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