The New York Knicks have a decent shot at a little history.

Not the kind that will be referenced for years to come, or even remembered by most. It’s not that notable. It is, however, noteworthy, considering the lofty expectations, the mega-hype, and the love/hate that I have with the blue and orange. Remember, I want them to be good, and I hate hearing about it.
Basically, the Knicks are redefining the phrase “slow-start” in a unique way. It’s not like they’ve lost every outing thus far. What has happened, on the other hand, is a little humorous, if nothing else. In a wonderful example of “stars aligning,” New York’s early schedule has matched them up with the gauntlet of SOSB’s “worst teams in the league.” So far, it’s not going that well:

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31st: New York 114, Sacramento 92

– Way to go. You beat the now Westphal-less Kings by 20+. A nice argument to support Hathwell’s claim that Sac-town may have the worst squad in all of the land. Why? Well…

MONDAY, JANUARY 2nd: Toronto 90, New York 85

– The perennial candidate for “NBA’s least-inspiring” gave it to the Knicks, behind the slicing and dicing of Jose Calderon. Here’s a typical conversation amongst roommates – casual NBA fans who don’t have the League Pass but like to watch whatever NBA TV puts on (usually):

Sam: Hey man, isn’t there a game starting about now?

Rufus: Yes.

Sam: Who is playing?

Rufus: Not sure. I know it’s the Raptors and somebody.

Sam: Oh.

Rufus: Uh huh.

Sam: Well, I don’t know. I think I’m gonna go to the dentist or something.

Rufus: It’s 6:00 PM. And it’s Saturday.

Sam: Yeah, I know. I’ll find one of those walk-in, weekend dentist clinics.

Rufus: Does such a thing exist?

Sam: Pretty sure. Who knows? Only one way to find out…

Rufus: Online search?

Sam: Nah. Just gonna drive around, randomly, for about 3 hours. Text me when Gametime is on…

So, the Knicks lost to that team.
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4th: Charlotte 118, New York 110

– If I haven’t been perfectly clear, let me reiterate that I believe the Bobcats have one of the most horrifying, dull rosters in recent memory. With that in mind, losing to them – at home – doesn’t exactly speak volumes of your team’s stature. Speaking of volume, 118 points? Boris Diaw goes for 27 on 12-15 shooting? I know the “D” in D’Antoni doesn’t stand for “defense” (it actually doesn’t stand for anything – it’s just a part of his name), but come on. This was with Amar’e back and everything. “It can’t get no worse than this,” said Melo…

… actually, it can. Take a look at the next 3 games:

FRIDAY, JANUARY 6th: @Washington


MONDAY, JANUARY 9th: Charlotte

As you see, the opportunity for a colossal first month failure is there. If you lose to the Wizards, you almost have to be considered one of the worst teams in the league on principle alone. If you lose to the Bobcats twice, at home, in one week, then your team can go to hell.
After that, the Knicks actually start playing good teams, so let’s hope they get it figured out. In the meantime, enjoy this little stretch. Those of you who have been searching for an alternative to Monday’s BCS National Championship clash between ‘Bama and LSU now know that Bobcats/Knicks is on. I’ll accept cash, check, or money order for that enlightenment.

– Wes Lilliman



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