It’s making me crazy, really.

  This is why Sports talk radio exists, why blogging is so popular, why everyone has to have an opinion, for better or for worse. Let’s face it, the average fan almost always thinks he knows better than the people who are getting paid to do this stuff for a living.

 Stupid, right? Thing is, every once in awhile they actually are. I mean, how can anyone with a working brain sit back and watch what’s happening to the Wizards and not feel like they could do better? Hell, even Steve from Baltimore (you know, the crazy guy who wants to trade for DeMarcus Cousins) could hardly do worse. How can anyone be so stupid? Has anyone checked to see if Ernie Grunfield is still breathing?

 Hey, I’ve got no personal stake either way. I’m just so dumbfounded as to how thoroughly the Wizards have screwed their team up.

 Remember what the Blazers did when they drafted Greg Oden? They had a garage sale for all their knuckleheads, starting with Zach Randolph (coincidentally, the Clippers also dumped Randolph immediately after drafting Blake Griffin). One rotten apple spoils the bunch and all that. See, this is what any smart team would do. Clear out the hippies, flakes and malcontents and start over around your prized rookie.

 So simple.

 Look, there are two or three ways to build around a potential franchise player like John Wall. You could go with plan A, where you gut the team and assemble a bunch of young talent. In this plan, your young squad takes it’s lumps for a few years but before long they will start to emerge as a confident, dangerous team, and even better, one with continuity and cohesion. Hey, it sure has worked for Oklahoma City, right? Plan B would be to go out and start acquiring major pieces to fit around your young star. Kind of like what the Clippers did by trading for Chris Paul and getting guys like Mo Williams and Chauncey Billups. That’s it. two simple options for building around someone like Wall.

 And yet here the Wizards are, their roster overflowing with clowns and half-assers, coached by a guy who had to shut practice down last year because nobody was trying hard.

 Leave it to these fools to choose plan C.

 Seriously, just what is the plan here? Was the bright idea to try and re-create Isiah Thomas’ 2008 Knicks chemistry molotov or something? Why bring back Andray Blatche, the biggest clown in the entire league, to play alongside a young player with as much potential as Wall? Even worse, what on earth were they thinking when they made Blatche the captain of the team? The whole thing wreaks of self-sabotage, does it not? Some sort of cosmic joke. Just what is the upside here? Why stock your roster with black holes (immature ones at that) like Nick Young and Jordan Crawford, guys who don’t even care enough to guard anyone? Why bring back a roster of head cases to lose when you can dump them for a bunch of less talented guys with class and win the same amount of games, only with dignity?

 None of it makes the least bit of sense. I mean, I just asked 8 questions in the last paragraph and I dare you to come up with a decent answer for even one of them.

 Look, it wasn’t two weeks ago that I was writing about the promise of this team. I felt like the drafting of Jan Vesely and Chris Singleton was done with the idea of turning this into a high-speed transition team that might even try it’s hand at a little defense. Then the season starts and I see the same old mercenary, playground team.

 And wouldn’t you know it,  The Wizz are off to an 0-5 start, losing by an average of 12 points a game. Oh, and of the five “shooters”on this team, not a stinkin’ one of ’em is shooting over 40%. Not a one. Guess what, it gets worse. John Wall, the future of the franchise, looks body snatched, shooting 32% and averaging almost 5 turnovers a game. Whoops.

 Maybe he’s been sucked into the darkness by this roster of miscreants, or maybe he’s just a victim of the sophomore slump. The cause doesn’t matter at this point. The reality is this team needs to be blown up. Like right now, while there is still a chance to salvage Wall.

 In the meantime, they might want to start scanning the internet for someone who has the faintest idea on how to fix this team. Really, can it get any worse?

 -John Hathwell

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