I tried to tell you.

Seems like it was just yesterday (well, it was) that I was singing Stern’s praises for having the foresight to demand building blocks for the Hornets’ future, and the patience to drive a hard bargain and wait the Clippers out when the whole world was busy calling him every name in the book and claiming he’d lost his marbles.

Looks pretty smart now, eh?

For all the talk about how risky it was, how stubborn it was, how unreasonable he was being, old David new better. He knew they had months to get a deal done and sonner or later, whether it be the Lakers, the Clippers or anyone else, they’d get what they wanted.

Didn’t take long, either.

So now what? Well, for starters, the Clippers have become more relevant than they’ve ever been in their history, and the sky is the limit. For all the talk of how much they gave up in this deal, you can’t put a prize on what they have now.

Promise. Buzz. Unlimited potential.

Hey, they’ve got all of that now and more. In this sport as in life, nothing is promised. Yeah, Eric Gordon is an immense talent, and there is a good chance that the pick they traded away becomes a top 5 selection. Even so, they’d traded what could be for what is, and Chris Paul is a once-in-a-generation talent. For almost any other franchise this could be considered a gamble. For the Clips, this is a no-brainer. This trade takes them to a level they’ve previously only dreamed about, and the best part is they likely have another move or two to make before they are done here, starting with clearing out the logjam at point guard. I’d expect Mo Williams and/or Eric Bledsoe to be moved in the next few days, likely for a shooting guard to replace the departing Gordon. Add that to a core of Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and D’Andre Jordan, and man, do the Clippers look good for the next few years and perhaps alot longer. At last, the Clips day has arrived.

So yeah, Stern did it. Not that he cares, but you probably owe him an apology for all those names you called him.

Oh, and before I forget, I’m gonna go ahead and make one more proclamation.

This move will be the nudge the Lakers need to go out and get the Dwight Howard deal done.

Just wait and see.

-John Hathwell


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