Meanhwile, back here on earth…

 I mean, I want a million dollars to tour the world playing pop-a-shot, but that hardly means someone is going to give it to me.
This, right here, is the Knicks chickens coming home to roost. Oh, and it hardly matters now if the ‘Melo trade was the brain child of Jimmy Dolan or Isiah Thomas or Donnie Walsh or the ghost of Red Holzman. I said it when it happened and I’ll say it again now: the Knicks got mugged in that trade. Violated. Punked. Whatever word you can think of, that’s what Denver did to them. It was a very simple case of a shrewd person fleecing a couple of dumb ones by playing on their fear that ‘Melo would sign elsewhere or someone else could top their offer. Kids stuff, and the Knicks still got played for chumps. 
This is also for everyone who defended their decision to give every single asset they had away in the Melo trade. If wasn’t even just the Knicks fans, either. Plenty of writers and supposed experts were heard to say stuff like “there’s no such thing as paying too much for a suprstar!” or “they had to overpay or they weren’t gonna get him”, as if they had to or else.
Now, arguably the best point guard in the NBA (even if he’s got that troublesome knee) wants to play for your team, only you have diddlysquat to offer New Orleans in return. Trust me when I tell you that Landry Fields and Toney Douglas ain’t gonna cut it.
Just to refresh your memory, here’s what they gave up in the Anthony trade:
-Wilson Chandler
-Raymond Felton
-Timofey Mozgov
-Anthony Randolph
-Danilo Galinari
-Eddy Curry’s huge expiring contract
-3 draft picks (1 1st rounder)
The defenders of this incredibly stupid trade apparently couldn’t see into the future, not even a bit. If they could, they’d have known that at least some of these assets needed to be kept for a rainy day. Instead, they talked about how none of the guys they gave away were stars and all that nonsense. Now, the Hornets are looking for young players with potential and draft picks to part with their superstar.
So that’s brings us to where we are. The Knicks panicked last year and essentially traded their upward mobility for a homegrown superstar. Now, they’ll most likely sit back in horror as Paul ends up with some team that had more to offer for him.
I mean, name me one team that doesn’t?
-John Hathwell 

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