You know, like dude from “Silence of the Lambs”?

 Not that I ever doubted they would buckle eventually, but I’m still wondering why it took so long. At least they came to their collective sense before a season was lost.

Apparently I knew they weren’t gonna get their way a good while before they figured it out, but like my Dad always said, sometimes people are gonna figure shit out the hard way.

Hey look, sometimes you just gotta gloat. I said all along that the bottom line of this lockout was that the owners were determined to get a good deal after spending the last 10 years living with bad ones. That was it, period. I said the players needed to stop wasting their time (and money) fighting it because they weren’t going to win the waiting game, the owners were. I said this was ultimately all about the money split and every other issue was a distant second.
I tried to tell you all.

Sorry, had to get that out of the way.

Seriously though, It’s nice to know they could work this out at the elventh hour, even though I was almost positive they would, by hook or by crook. I could ask why you would bother wasting time with all the posturing and whatnot while dollars were lost and the owners offer was likely to get worse, but I guess it’s academic at this point. Sure, the owners gave them a few minor concessions at the last minute to at least let them keep the appearance of dignity, but let’s not kid ourselves here, the players got the Banana in the tailpipe on this one. From the 57% of the revenue they were getting on the previous deal to somewhere between 49 and 51% on the new one. I mean, there’s now way to spin that as anything other than a serious pay cut. Even worse, the new rules make it almost impossible for teams to go over the salary cap as they have in the past. Gone are the days when the Lakers, Knicks, Mavericks and Blazers could spend $90 million on their rosters. Now, they’ll be hit with a crippling luxury tax that is severe enough to dissuade all but the most brazen big-spenders. Oh, and thaT mid-level exception that used to allow teams that were over the salary cap to sign a decent veteran? Gone with the wind, my friends.

Personally, I don’t think it could have turned out better, given all the circumstances in play. It was the owners turn to win, and win they did. Bottom line, this is a deal that will go a long way toward making these teams profitable on a yearly basis, and even better, the spending limits will in effect save the owners from themselves. In the end, losing 16 games off the schedule (this season will be 66 games in length as opposed to the normal 82) is worth what was gained in the long run.
That’s really all you (or I) need to know right now. Yeah, there’s a boatload of amendments and rule tweaks to be included, and within a week or two I’ll get into what they are and what they mean. Just know that the big issue was the revenue split, and the owners did everything but punk the players for there sneakers on it.

Anyway, let’s not worry about that now. See, we’re gonna get Basketball this year, and isn’t that really what matters? Yeah, the season will be shorter and there will likely be a few dozen players showing up to camp out of shape in a few weeks, but better that than nothing, right?.

For now, I’ll just happy with the idea that Basketball is back, and that the new labor agreement is one that makes sense to me.

After the last five or so months of nonsense, who would dare ask for more?

-John Hathwell


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