Not as if anyone doubted that J.R. Smith’s stint with the Zhejiang Golden Bulls of the Chinese pro Leagues was a disaster waiting to happen, but it really has been quite the clusterfuck for everyone involved. Depending on who you believe, Smith has already faked a knee injury, demanded to be put up in 5 star hotels (separate from the rest of his teammates) and just been a general pain in the ass from the jump. Word is, Team officials were getting ready to void his contract and send his ass home, when lo and behold an older, more mature player stepped in on Smith’s behalf and urged them to reconsider.

So who was this voice of reason, you ask?

Oh, don’t tell me you forgot all about Stephon Marbury’s insane live web broadcasts from a few years back when he was eating vaseline and dancing and shit? 

See, this is what I’m talkin’ about. Not sure how long it will keep me entertained, but these ugly american stories were bound to start popping up sooner than later and I’m sure this is only the beginning. Me, I’m praying some International team is dumb enough to sign Andray Blatche so shit can really start jumpin’ off.

Until then, I’ll be searching out stories about that noted wackamaroo Starbury and his sudden, newfound maturity and Adam Morrison’s career rebirth and whatever crazy, bizzaro world type-shit is happening in the Basketball universe. 

Beats reading about the labor stupidity by a country mile.

-John Hathwell


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