Stole that title from an old Public Enemy song, and it’s more than fitting given the present circumstances.

Armageddon is at hand today, if only in the Basketball sense. Armageddon for everyone. Players, Owners, fans, the whole lousy lot of us. Depending on who you believe, we’re looking at somewhere between one to two weeks before the cancellation of the season is a very real possibility. The clock is ticking on a solution that seems so painfully obvious to everyone but the players’ union, and regardless of who you side with, it should be apparent to everyone that the owners are prepared to either get their way or take their proverbial ball and go home.

Yeah, for better or for worse I totally got sucked into this stuff after swearing to everyone I wouldn’t. At one point I even felt like I was rooting for the season to get wiped out. Crazy talk, I know. I have little to say in my defense, other than I’m a sucker for a good argument and Basketball means more to me than it probably should.

At this point, I feel better just boiling this whole elaborate game of chicken down to it’s essence. We’ve all done  the number crunching and theorizing to death, so all that’s left is to draw your own conclusion, whatever it may be.

Me, I think it’s really as simple as the owners wanting a deal that favors them after operating for the last 10 years under one that didn’t. That’s it. Nevermind the bollocks about BRI’s and hard caps and amnesty clauses and the million other peripheral points the two sides are waging war over. In the end, this just feels like a “we will win this time, period” proposition, and if it is, fair enough. The real critical point here is that if this is indeed the case, the owners will win, because when push comes to shove, they’ve got the leverage. It really is that simple sometimes.

All that is left now is for someone to capitulate. It’s either that or no NBA season. No choice but to wait and see, I reckon. I’d assume common sense will prevail here, but it’s certainly not a given.

We’ll find out soon.

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Speaking of Public Enemy, doesn’t “Fight the Power” seem every bit as relevant to the times we’re living in than it did when it came out? I’d say so.


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