(#9)Oregon 43, Cal 15

Cal looked to test Oregon like they did last year and, through one half, they actually had a little something going. Of course, that went out the window pretty quickly once the 2nd half got underway. Oregon exploded in some sort of inverse-Texas A&M type of way and the game was essentially over by the end of the 3rd quarter. Naturally, (too many Lays potato) Chip(s) Kelly left the studs in long after it was necessary, and LaMichael James went down on a pretty disgusting-looking fall, dislocating his elbow. I sort of felt sorry for him, but that empathy began to fade away as ESPN milked it like he was near death. Then, I read his little quote about being “tough” and “a warrior,” and that was all I needed to hear. Not a warrior now… not a warrior when you got arrested for domestic violence. At least when Kellen Winslow Jr. called himself “A SOLDIER,” it was unintentionally funny.

Despite the offensive outburst, Oregon simply isn’t what they were last year. They aren’t. They’re mentally weak. Personal fouls started getting called left and right after James went down, as if the Bears had intentionally injured him. The Ducks lose focus. They’re loaded with talent and can get by with their loose play against a team like Cal, but try it against the baddest on the block and all the sizzle and uniform variations can’t save them. Talk to LSU about it.

(#5)Boise State 57, Fresno State 7

With 7:00 minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter, and the Broncos up 30-0, I determined that I wasn’t likely to make it through the entire game. I barely made it through the half. What I did see resembled a scrimmage of sorts, with Fresno fans looking bewildered and/or booing their team’s dismal effort. I passed by later, only to find the score had shot up to 50-0, as Tessitore and Gilmore rambled about something that had nothing to do with the game.

The most exciting thing related to the Bulldogs was ESPN highlighting the university’s exclusive winery! The complimentary crystal meth labs behind the winery were, unfortunately, not covered with a similar zest.

(#3)Oklahoma 55, (#11)Texas 17

From last week’s Amateur Hour(s):

No one really wants to give Texas any credit right now, and rightfully so. A less-than-impressive set of first month opponents takes the shine off of the fact that they’re unbeaten. Playing Oklahoma next weekend will take care of that last part.

I thought this game would be fairly one-sided. It was much more than that. It was worse than the score indicates, actually. Landry Jones had the bulk of his 360+ yards and 3 TDs before halftime. Case McCoy and David Ash took turns looking inept. It was a bit of an embarassment, to say the least.

To me, this was representative of how we should feel about both teams. Oklahoma is definitely as good as advertised, and Texas is (or was) definitely overrated. A good game for a little national clarity.

Wake Forest 35, (#23)Florida State 30

Speaking of Oklahoma, I can’t stress enough how much I think their roughing up of Florida State a few weeks back totally did significant damage to the psyche of the Seminoles. They’ve gone from “on the brink of a return to greatness” to “the most disappointing team in college football” in a very short time. Sad, but there’s always next year. Oh, and good job, Demon Deacons.

(#18)South Carolina 54, Kentucky 3

Let’s just forget the whole Stephen Garcia thing ever happened, eh?

Alright, so it didn’t hurt that Connor Shaw got to face Kentucky, probably the worst of the SEC. Still, it had to be fun for fans of the Gamecocks to see a game like this, where the points keep on piling up and the QB doesn’t have spurts where he appears to be functionally disabled.

(#8)Clemson 36, Boston College 14
(#13)Georgia Tech 21, Maryland 16

Everyone is gearing up for November 5th, but what about October 29th? That’s when the two ACC sleeper/good teams clash in Georgia. The Yellow Jackets and their dynamic, high-powered offense (so high-powered that it mustered up 21 points against Maryland) are set to clash against the Clemson Fightin’ Dabo Sweeneys, who are crossing their fingers (as of this writing) that QB Tahj Boyd’s leg injury isn’t serious. By the way, I’m still not going to give Clemson the credit they probably deserve.

(#6)Oklahoma State 70, Kansas 28

The Cowboys had 56 at the half, and Brandon Weeden threw for 5 touchdowns. It should be noted that all of those TDs were thrown in the first half, as well. Nothing more to see here.

(#1)LSU 41, (#17)Florida 11

This was essentially over within the first few minutes, as LSU terrorizing defense forced Florida into consecutive three and outs and put points up with relative ease. As said by many, Florida clearly has excellent speed and a lot of talent, but it isn’t all there yet. Matters weren’t helped with the quarterback position being in a fairly fractured state. It seems I’m saying “maybe next year” with all of the Florida teams…

LSU did their thing. I’m not sure how this Lee/Jefferson situation will eventually settle, but this was a game in which they didn’t have to worry about that. Perhaps the most noteworthy thing was the first example of the NCAA’s new “point of emphasis” when it comes to taunting. Points came off the board when punter Brad Wing scored on a fake, extending his arms very briefly as he prepared to cross into the end zone. It was completely harmless. To penalize in such a way for something like that, with all of the other madness that goes on during the course of any given football game… eh, I find it kinda stupid. If you think about it, it’s kind of a microcosm of the NCAA’s general method of operation.

North Carolina A&T 22, Bethune-Cookman 3

In a MEAC showdown, the Aggies took it to the Wildcats. The official Heisman favorite of SOSB, Jamarr Robinson, went 2 for 6, with 7 yards and an interception. He also had 3 rushes for -25 yards.

(#7)Stanford 48, Colorado 7

I didn’t watch this game. Neither did you. I do believe Stanford is the real deal, but my goodness, it’ll be nice when they actually start playing teams with some fight.

(#24)Texas A&M 45, Texas Tech 40

All you need to know is that A&M almost blew it AGAIN.

(#15)Nebraska 34, Ohio State 27

These are not the Cornhuskers or Buckeyes of recent memory.

What would have been a massive, prime-time game in previous years sort of felt like an afterthought this time around. Ohio State jumped out on Nebraska, in Lincoln, and had early command because Nebraska is still overrated and vulnerable to things like that, and then they came back on the Buckeyes because Nebraska does have some talent, and Ohio State is mediocre at best. This was the big, ABC night game… and the commentary team was Mcdonough and Millen. That says it all. Can’t hate on the comeback, however, which saved the game.

(#10)Arkansas 38, (#15)Auburn 14

I know this isn’t an original senti
ment in the slightest (in other words, more of the same), but Tyler Wilson is one tough motherfucker. The Razorbacks, as a whole, are a tough team and come across as a group that can hang with and beat almost anybody. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them give somebody hell in a big BCS game. I actually have to give Auburn some credit, as I think they continue to overachieve, even in losses. They battle the Hogs for a strong while before they just couldn’t keep up anymore. This group is just extremely inexperienced, but they’ll be back.

(#2)Alabama 34, Vanderbilt 0

The Tide take your opening salvo, examine what you have, and then proceed to completely outclass you. Vandy had 8 first downs. Alabama is a frightening team.

(#21)Virginia Tech 38, Miami 35

ACC play-by-play staple, Mike Patrick, literally called this “one of the great games of all-time.” He’s very enthusiastic. While I can’t say that I agree with his grand proclamation, it definitely was an excellent game. The Hokies had control early, only to show some of their typical self and fail to put the necessary distance between themselves and the opposition. Miami capitalized, primarily behind the monster running of Lamar Miller, who had a stretch in the 4th quarter that consisted of 116 carries on 6 rushes. That was no fluke – he’s a next level RB. In the end, though, VaTech had the ball when they needed it and scored on a nice QB keeper for Logan Thomas, who had a huge game of his own. When it was all said and done, this was the game of the day.

I didn’t talk about Michigan, Illinois, or West Virginia because I don’t believe in any of those teams (well, WVU is pretty good, but whatever). Next week looks a little underwhelming, as the majority of the top 25 teams play unranked opponents. For that reason alone, it might actually be worth checking out. I’m thinking letdown/upset time – you never know.

– Wes Lilliman


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