Bless him, AMMO wasn’t waiting for the lockout to end, so he hooked up with European power house Red Star Belgrade.

Seems Adam went and got himself ejected from a Euro league game yesterday after getting tangled up going for a rebound. Dude looked a little angry to me, based on the video.

Then again, you try going through an amazing college career, getting drafted #3 overall by MICHAEL JORDAN and tagged as a franchise cornerstone, then struggling mightily through your rookie year and blowing your knee to smithereens in year 2, then spending the rest of your beshitted NBA career as a punchline (Morrison has 2 rings LOL!) and see if you don’t become a grumpy fuck.

On the bright side, nice to see him rocking the Doobie Brothers hair again. I’m always saying The NBA needs more dudes that look like they hang out at coffee shops and hit on the female baristas.

Look, I know I said I don’t give a shit about the labor negotiations, and I really don’t. That said, all it will take to make me happy is a provision that guarantees AMMO an NBA roster spot next year. I’m easy to please like that.

Make it happen, Billy Hunter.

John Hathwell


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