I’m serious. I don’t want the NBA this year if it means I have to stomach any more of this bullshit posturing and public relations tug o’ war between the players and the owners. Stop pandering to me with your “leaked” letters to the players union and your tweets and your manipulations of famous sportswriters’ to further your agenda. Not buying it. Stop hurting yourself already.

Well, except for Ron Artest’s  prank tweet yesterday. He’ so wacky.

Listen, I have my opinion on who is right here (owners) and who has all the leverage (owners) and really, who gives a fuck anymore? Nobody really cares whether the players are going to be forced to make less than the two billion dollars they made last year, or that the owners made out so poorly in the last labor negotiation that a good number of them are losing money on their teams. Maybe we care about the system they operate under being healthy enough to help the league sustain, but that’s about it. Hockey had to learn this lessen the hard way seven years ago and they are still sifting through the wreckage. Point is,all of this public bickering isn’t winning you any supporters, it’s turning Joe public against you, and in this case, alienating even the most devout fans.

So work it out or don’t, preferably as quietly as possible. All I give a fuck about here is the end result. Sure, I want them to install an economic system that suits both parties, but it isn’t keeping me awake nights. At this point, if you gave me the choice between suffering through another 6 weeks of this bullshit and the cancellation of the season, I’d take the latter. Dump me or don’t, but make up your fucking mind already.

Really, it ain’t the end of the world, and I’m confident all but a handful of the earths’ citizens will manage without the NBA in their lives for a year. Shit, if I can do it, so can you.

Hey look, I’ve already got it worked out. Just like when star players get injured and his teammates have to step it up to fill the void, I’ll be leaning on Football and baseball to man up and make some big plays or whatever. Throwing in some Boxing and MMA and best of all, College Hoops, and really everything is gonna be just fine. Yeah, I might start recording classic NBA games off of NBA TV for the tough times. I’m human, after all.

So make up or don’t, I say. Quit fucking around with your lowball proposals and macho dick measuring and work this out, or stick to your guns and scrap the season.

Either way, just shut up about it already.

John Hathwell


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