There are approximately 273 “journalists” and writers of varying credibility breathlessly spouting scurrilous trade rumors in the days leading up to the draft, and whether this excites or annoys you is merely a matter of perspective.
It’s 2011, and the internet is what it is, for better or worse. Don’t expect people to come to their senses and stop trying desperately to out-scoop or one-up the next man. This is the world we’re stuck with, no use complaining.

In that vein, I’ve always had the idea to play out the sports talk fantasy and just start slapping up the wackiest “rumors” I could think up. If you’ve ever listen to sports talk radio, you know what I mean. As a Laker fan, I used to tune in post-game just to hear Stu Lantz answer questions from “Chewy in Pacoima” or “Rollie in Inglewood” with the utmost measure of diplomacy. More often than not it ended up with Stu gently explaining to the caller that although the Lakers would love to have Allen Iverson, AI for Luke Walton just wouldn’t work under the salary cap, or whatever.

Well, the internet is like one giant, oozing mass of stupidity and mindless conclusion-jumping on it’s worst days, and the next three days will be worse than usual. Just keep that in mind when you’re reading stories about Bosh for Artest or the Knicks trading up to draft Kyrie Irving or whatever.

Still, there are some rumors worth talking about.

Well, Andre Igoudola’s probably not going to be with Philly next year and could quite possibly be going to California.
In all honesty, it’s probably for the best. “Iggy” has put in his time with the 76ers and contributed as much as he could. He was sort of the default centerpiece on a team that only finally started to show promise last year.

With that in mind, Philly’s looking to make a change, and that involves Igoudola, who apparently hasn’t been too enthusiastic about returning (or so they say). In any event, two major trades have hit the rumor wire, and if I’m Igoudola, I’m begging for one over the other.

As touched upon here, the first one involves swapping Igoudola for Golden State’s Monta Ellis. Some reports even have the Warriors saying, “Here’s Monta. We want Andre. It’s up to you.” To me, this trade is puzzling because, as much as I like Igoudola, he’s more of a support guy who can do a lot of things pretty well on both sides of the ball. Conversely, Ellis is a dude who is improving and is legitimately one of the top scorers in the league.

This is the trade that, if I were Igoudola, I wouldn’t want.

Going to Golden State isn’t exactly ideal for him or the team. For one, the Warriors would be giving up too much. They’d improve defensively, but they’d become far less dynamic on the offensive end, and I can’t fathom them having any more success than they did last year. Furthermore, the head coach is Mark Jackson. Never forget that.

The more recent trade rumor to emerge involves Igoudola to the Clippers, with the primary piece in return being the talented-yet-fragile Chris Kaman. To me, that’s an exciting possibility. Adding Igoudola to the young but promising Clippers leaves you with a lineup that is far more arousing than the potential Warriors lineup. Imagine Iggy, a solid veteran in his prime with defensive abilities, in amongst those young guards and Blake Griffin. It just seems like a much better fit for both the team and the player.

If you’re grading players, overall, Igoudola’s a solid “B” who has been forced to try and be an “A” in Philadelphia. With the Clippers, he’d be much closer to his “comfort zone” in terms of his role. He wouldn’t be looked at to be a primary scorer, which would result in a more efficient game on both ends of the floor. With Golden State, eh… color me underwhelmed. They’d still have Curry and David Lee, but they’d be trading away a big reason why anybody would be interested in the team. And, once again, the head coach is Mark Jackson.

In short, Igoudola’s gotta be praying that Philly ends up going with the worst of the two deals. Plus, he’s probably hoping a rumored trade to Minnesota doesn’t work out, either… because who ever would hope for that?

Hey, Chad Ford is a credible guy and he says NY is trying to move up to snag the Jimmer, and man whouldn’t that be nice? Putting Fredette in that offense makes a whole lot of sense, and is probably once of about three NBA teams where Jimmer can actually play the Point. If they still intend to play at the D’ Antoni pace, that is.

Of course, an offer of Landry Fields and the #17 isn’t exactly the motherlode. This, THIS is the kind of stuff I’ve been telling Knick fans about since the day the ‘Melo trade went down. All that noise I made about giving away all your assets, thus handcuffing yourself going forward?

Well, now.

All you have to do is look around. #2 pick to Indiana for Danny Granger. Kevin Love and the pick for Pau Gasol (that’s a funny one).  #2 for Javale McGee.

All goofy at best, each more than the last.

Thing is, one of them is actually likely to go down, this being David Kahn’s team and all. Rest assured, the Wolves won’t be doing anything as simple as taking Derrick Williams with the 2nd pick and keeping him. Too logical. Too easy.

Now that Ricky Rubio has been signed who the hell knows what will happen with their other 9 point guards, so Johnny Flynn and Luke Ridnour are probably on the move, and Kahn looks desperate enough for center that somebody smart could be getting ready to pull of fquite the robbery.

Good time to be holding any halfway decent big man, for sure.

I for one hope David Kahn remains the Wolves’ Gm for at least the next 20 years. For sheer entertainment, the guy is almost impossible to top.

To be continued…


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