Ed O’Bannon – PLAYER’S CLUB.  From the SOSB personal collection.  Note the ladder pose and the camera-shine effect.
Fans of the 1995 UCLA Bruins have no shortage of great memories regarding their classic NCAA tournament run that would eventually lead to a national championship win.  Tyus Edney and his 4.8 second, coast-to-coast, season-saving bucket in the 2nd round.  The stellar play of freshmen Toby Bailey and J.R. Henderson.  Nigerian-American sensation Ike Nwankwo…
… and, of course, the O’Bannons.
Ed and Charles.  Ed was a 6’8”, finesse big-man with “20 and 10” nights on a regular basis and all of the collegiate accolades you could think of.  Charles was an uber-athletic swingman who could finish at the rim with the best of them and fill it up, as well.  He, too, had the look of a pro player.  It was assumed that the O’Bannons would move on after college and take the next logical step, and that at least one (if not both) would have some sort of legitimate impact on the NBA.


While both got drafted (Ed to the Nets [9th pick overall]; Charles to the Pistons [3rd pick of the 2nd round]), injuries and the inability to keep up with the best players in the world caused both to fall of the map – QUICKLY. 

So quickly, in fact, that if you weren’t paying close attention, you’d think they were abducted or something.  Like him or not, Lil Wayne sort of summed it up at one point:

“Listen close, I got duct tape and rope, I’ll leave you missin’ like the fuckin’ O’Bannons…”

All has not been lost, however.  Charles still balls – in Japan.  As a member of the TOYOTA ALVARK, Chuck, not shockingly, leads the league in scoring.  Additionally, at 6’6”, the former shooting guard has now made the obvious transition to MEGA-CENTER in the JBL Super League.

As for Ed, it’s all about cars.  Not owning them, but selling them.  Henderson, Nevada.  Toyota (“Toyota” apparently being in the blood of the two brothers, one way or another).  That’s where you can get the latest Avalon or Camry from the man himself.  Just tell ‘em “Son of Sam Bowie” sent ya, and discuss anything PRIOR TO HIS NBA CAREER, and you’ll probably get a deal.

Seriously though, for what it’s worth, they seem happy.  Our good friends at Jerseychaser.com recently caught up with both O’Bannons.  Check out the video to get the updates from the boys themselves.  Also, listen to them respond to the Lil Wayne lyric by either threatening to dunk on him, or just hoping that somebody buys a car:

(Hath’s note:) Always loved Ed OG, and often (well, once in awhile) wondered where he ended up. Saw a pretty cool advertisement in the program for the Las Vegas summer pro league last year.

Question answered. 

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