Mike Brown, huh?

Allow me a minute to get my mind around this one.

 First things first, Brown doesn’t strike me as a guy with enough presence to be the Lakers head coach. It’s probably the least splashy hiring they’ve ever made, or at least since Del Harris got the job in 1994. More curiously, I can’t help but wonder about the timing. Why get thrifty with your coaching hire when this team is still considered a Championship contender? By all accounts this team still has a two or three year window, possibly more if they can get nifty with the roster moves. This kind of hire smacks of transition coach, much like Randy Pfund or Harris did back in the day.

 Also, why the rush? Certainly they could have taken some time to flush out all of the candidates, especially since the season isn’t even over and we’re not sure there’s even gonna be a next season.

Granted, it’s well-known that the Buss family was dead set on being frugal with this hire, which tightens the list of hopefuls to newcomers (Brian Shaw, Chuck Person), the recently fired (Mike Brown, Rick Adelman) and the familiar list of bald ass-tires. Four or five million per doesn’t buy you much more than that in 2011.

With all of that out of the way, I can’t help but feel like they could have done a whole lot worse. I think Brown can coach, at least from a strategy standpoint, and I’ve always thought he was the scapegoat for Danny Ferry’s failure to build a decent roster around LeBron. Hindsight being what it is, the Cavs’ real failure was their inability to put another star player next to James. Watching Miami run roughshod over the East with 2 1/2 great players and a bunch of spare parts is proof of that much.

As the story goes, Brown pushed his way to the front of the line by “nailing the interview process”, and that was that.

The real concern I have rests more on the authority/discipline side of things. Sure, you could argue that Phil was a lame-duck of sorts this year, but he’s still Phil Jackson. Considering the utter self-destruction (and less than subtle hints of civil unrest) this team suffered in the playoffs, I for one would have felt a little better about a more Iron-fisted coach.

Byron Scott, anyone?

And yeah, I put very little stock in the rumblings about Kobe and the rest of the team being disappointed that Brian Shaw didn’t get the job, as if they are somehow stunned by the fact that management was unwilling to heed the advice of a bunch of guys who came apart like a wet taco.

No, it’s clear to me that they needed a regime change of sorts, and still might need some sort of roster moves to remedy just whatever the hell happened against Dallas.

In the meantime, I’ll sit back and wait to see who they hire to fill out his coaching staff (an “offensive guru” should be a priority) and what they do about the point guard situation, and keep my fingers crossed that no rash decisions are made.

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