Worth noting that Monta Ellis is my favorite player in the NBA right now. No, I’m not kidding. The guy happens to be the most dynamic offensive player in the game today, a veritable whirling dervish of offensive majesty and whatnot. Watching him teeter on the thin line between offensive genius and out of control, ball chucking maniac is a thrill I recommend to anyone, friend or foe. I mean, My knees buckle at the thought of him being traded to the Knicks, if only so I could be treated to the sound of Clyde Frazier yell “spinning and winning!” on a nightly basis.

So yeah, I know what the statties say about Ellis, and they aren’t wrong, even though he did make an improvement last year. I’m just saying I love watching him play, similar to the way I loved listening to Mike Tyson post-fight interviews back in the day. You were almost always certain to be entertained, terrified or both. When the guy goes off, he goes off.


And now, in the final act needed to confirm his greatness, Ellis has joined the elite ranks of the bizarre tattooed NBA players alongside such luminaries as The Birdman, Mike Miller and Gilbert Arenas and his pretty Tiger.

It’s a tree.

I love it without even needing to know what it represents, because I love Monta, and love means never having to explain your wacky tattoos to anybody.

Pretty sure that’s what they say, anyhow.


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