Eh, apologies for the title of this post. What can I say, it’s the Laker fan in me rearing it’s ugly head.

All yokes aside, I feel for the people of Sacramento. Long one of the best, most passionate fan bases in the league, now forced to sit by helplessly while their beloved team packs up and moves to Orange County to become essentially L.A.’s number three NBA team.

Life can be shitty sometimes.

Whatever the case, I watching last night’s game and couldn’t help but feel terrible for those people. Down 20 at home to your most hated rivals in your last game ever as a franchise. I mean, damn.

But wait…

Within the span of the 4th quarter the Kings erased the entire defecit and ACTUALLY TOOK A 3 POINT LEAD in the final seconds of the game, with the enitre building and the Kings announcers’ whooped into a frenzy about this, the best of all possible send-offs.

And then this happened.

Damn. That’s just shitty, you know? I mean sure, the Lakers were still playing for the #2 spot in the Western Playoffs and all, but would it have really mattered in the grand scheme of things?

Stupid question when a guy like Kobe is involved, I know.

Needless to say, the game went to OT and the Lakers cruised to victory, and listening to the Kings announcers during the waning moments of the game was one of the saddest things I’ve witnessed in sports, ever. Poor King fans didn’t deserve that.

Or this, for that matter.

Damn, I still get aroused by that shot, all these years later.

So long, Sacramento fans, and my condolences. You deserved a fate better than this.


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