Sure, I hear people talking about Boston/ New York, but I honestly don’t see anyone really being dumb enough to forget what Boston is capable of in the Post-season. OK, nobody other than Knick fans, but who can really blaming those poor fuckers? I mean, nobody has that short of a memory, right? Surely you can’t be serious in thinking the Celtics aren’t still one of the favorites after winning the East last year as the #4 seed? You are aware they won 7 more games this year, right?

And yeah, Portland/Dallas is intriguing, but mostly in the same way that everyone picks a 12 over 5 seed upset in the NCAA tournament that they are SURE will happen (this year it was Vanderbilt losing to Richmond, which did indeed come thru). Me, I think Portland is overrated in their underratedness, if you catch my drift. Can they win? Sure. Does it really make a difference to me if they do or don’t? Eh, not much of one. It’s not as if the Mavs are going to the Finals this year anyway, so what round they lose in is nothing more than a matter of semantics.

Truly, I’m all jakked up to see the Nuggets and Thunder, two deep, talented teams that like to push the pace and care score buckets of buckets with relative ease and whatnot. Fuck, I’m pretty sure I’d order Nene vs Kendrick Perkins as a Pay-Per-View Boxing Match, so six or seven games of them beating on each other in the post should be good times, and a series featuring Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook trying to outscore Denver’s wacky plethora of dead-eye jump-shooting tattoo-slathered ruffnecks is a series I wanna watch.

Honestly, I’m convinced both of these teams would have been capable of advancing against alot of the other Western playoff teams (with the possible exception of LA and SA), so it’s rather unfortunate that two teams will enter, one team will leave in this one.

So who wins it, then? Fuck, you’re guess is as good as mine, though with the hypothetical gun to my head I suppose I go with the Thunder in 7. Durant and Westbrook are pretty good at this sport, and Perkins gives them a dimension that have lalways lacked.

No matter who wins, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a grand old time watching it. The PLAYOFFS ARE HERE, and that’s a good thing.


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