Fans of the Butler Bulldogs were likely a little down after Monday’s failure of historical proportions.  The record-setting (not in a good way) performance was disappointing, and the ensuing comments from damn-near everyone about how it was the “worst game ever” and things of that nature couldn’t have helped the collective psyche of their faithful followers.  However, in reality, things aren’t that bad.  A little perspective is all it takes to realize that Butler is now a proven contender based on the foundation that has been built over the past few years, and they were the runner-up for the second year in a row.  Plus, they got beat by a team that played good defense.  Basically, what I’m saying is that it could be much worse, and far more embarassing.

Imagine, if you will, the numerous scenarios that could really make the Bulldogs the object of national ridicule.  For example, what if this e-mail got out:

To: jcalhoun123@u.conn.edu
Cc: coach_k_rocks@duke.edu
From: bstevens@butler.edu
Subject: Throwing the game for some $$$

Yo Jim, just thought I’d let you know that we’re going to look REALLY bad tomorrow night.  Too bad to be true, in fact.  You might notice us blowing lay-ins and making ZANY mistakes all night long.  Honestly, it’s ’cause I’ve got a little wager going.  Basically, if we shoot under 25% from the field, I win 500-large.  I’m talking “6-figures” large, too – not that playground shit.  Anyhow, let me know if you want in on this and we’ll let Kemba get 60.  Peace.

– B-Steezy

Horrible, no?

Consider another possibility.  What if the poor play had been the result of, in-part, an ugly display from a bitter Butler alum?  What if ex-Bulldog and current Utah Jazz stallion, Gordon Hayward, had shown up and launched an irrationally vitriolic, game-long diatribe on his former team and coach from the 100-level concourse at Reliant Stadium?  Imagine the scene:

That would have been atrocious and remembered by hardcore fans and casual followers of the sport.

Finally, what would it have been like had Calhoun LITERALLY played TWO DOGS as part of his starting five and still held Butler to a woeful performance?


See?  Monday night sucked for Butler, but it certainly wasn’t the worst-case scenario, either.

– Wes Lilliman’s stick-figure illustrations can be complimented at weslilliman@aol.com.  He also does water-color paintings and interpretive dance choreography.

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