>I mean, I used to keep an old VHS tape that I would record all of them onto. I think I had every one of them from about 1990 to 2007, but I lost the tape somehow.

Of course, you can find all of them on Youtube now, but much like one of those weirdo, vinyl loving shut-in types, I would prefer the warmth on ambience of my old VHS tape or whatever.

Seriously though, go back and watch some of the really old ones, especially if you know your basketball history, and it’s a rather stimulating barrage of “ooooh, I remember him”, and “whoa, whatever happened to that dude” moments.

1990 in Particular is rather mind-blowing in it’s short-shorty flat-topiness. Also notable is the fact that Mike Kryzyweski has the EXACT SAME FUCKING HAIRCUT he had 21 years ago.

Of course, they couldn’t resist the urge to make it almost impossibly corny as the years went on (the strobe magic of 2001 is a low point), but it’s still damn great, and it always will be.

Of course, I’m ready for tonight’s edition, featuring a healthy dose of Jimmer, Kemba and those gritty Butler kids.

Can’t wait.


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