Holy shit I would hate to be a Wizard fan.

 I mean, isn’t it bad enough that your team is perennially shitty, has a road record of ONE AND FUCKING THIRTY and is now loaded with malcontents and headcases?

What more can you ask your paying customers to suffer through?

Well, the answer is contained in the following video, where Javale McGee practically kills himself trying to get the last 2 points required to give him a triple-double in a game the Wiz were losing by the 20 goddamned points. God, what I’d give to here Bill Walton’s take on this kind of tomfoolery.

Without question I’d say this makes the top three most worthless triple-doubles of all-time, right up there with the Anthony Bowie debacle and the never-to-be-topped, completely ridiculous grandoise gesture of ultimate stupidity that was Ricky Davis’ greatest NBA moment.

 All this team is missing to create the ultimate chemistry molotov is young Ricky. I’m sure Ted Leonsis can make CHORALE ROANNE BASKET of the French league an offer they can’t refuse.

John Hathwell misses  Greg Ostertag and Scot Pollard. Talk to him about it at sonsofsambowie@yahoo.com


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