Chris Bosh is getting hit pretty hard these days.

The lesser-known member of THE BIG 3 is clearly the odd man out.  Accordingly, his play has suffered.  Inconsistency.  An undefined role.  1 for 18 shooting efforts.  He was criticized before the season and referred to, more often than not, as “the other guy.”  Now, he’s being criticized during the season for not making any sort of impact and being referred to, more often than not, as “shit.”

Although the criticism is valid in many ways, an honest and informed individual knows that Bosh is a good basketball player who is simply struggling to find his niche and is trying to co-exist amongst two ego-maniacs and a roster full of players whose skill levels all land somewhere within the “‘average’ to ‘this guy is actually a basketball player?'” continuum.  He’s had good games and even good stretches of games, but the overall impression has been underwhelming.

Regardless, people need to lay off of Bosh for a few reasons.  The first is that, quite frankly, he’s not Dwayne Wade or Lebron James.  The former lives in a world where he actually believes that the success/failure of the Miami Heat is the top item on every human’s priority list.  For the record, it’s not even in the top five amongst concerns of the people of MIAMI.  The latter is a cliche-spewing, primadonna who comes up short time and time again.  At least Bosh talks rationally and speaks as if he has some sort of introspective quality to him.

Secondly, and most importantly, he’s funny.  I’m all but convinced that Wade and James are both completely devoid of any sense of humor (don’t let some stupid Nike commercial come close to fooling you, either).  Bosh, on the other hand, does stuff like this:

… and this (the highlight of it all comes at the 4-minute mark):

… so, lay the hell off of Chris Bosh.


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