So here we are, witness to the last chapter in a profoundly sad (in more ways than one) story  as the Clippers actually found somebody dumb enough to take Baron Davis, with that stupid someone being the wobegone Cleveland Cavaliers.

Alas, the chance for the Clippers to shed his 28 million dollars (and 250 lbs) was too great to pass up, even at the cost of a first round pick. As a bonus, they got a player in Mo Williams who can be counted on to do things like show up to camp in shape and give a fuck and whatnot. These kinds of things are not to be taken for granted in modern pro sports.

Of course, in light of this development it would be all too easy to write a sad, mournful story about how Baron signed with the Clippers prior to the 2008-09 season under the premise that Elton Brand would be returning, only to be left at the alter when Brand split to Philly after feeling insulted by the way the Clips handled the negotiations. Perhaps a result, Baron had fallen into a 2 and a half year long sulk, the likes of which he was just starting to re-emerge from (thanks to Blake Griffin) before he got today’s bad news. I mean, none of this is untrue.

Fuck that, I say.

Nah, I say let’s celebrate the good times, however hard they were to come by, and throw Baron something of an impromptu going-away party.

Let’s celebrate the guy who showed up to camp this season extremely fat and effectively torpedoed the Clippers promising season, as detailed here. Derailing a team with Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon on it is no easy chore, folks.

Let’s focus and remember the laughs we had when the OWNER OF THE TEAM was seen heckling Davis for his poor, uninspired play. That sure was a hoot, and a helluva of a picture.

Let’s forget about the 39% shooting and the decrease in every conceivable statistical category since he arrived from the Warriors for the price of 65 million dollars over 5 years (that is, when he wasn’t hurt) and remember the guy who was more interested in being a Hollywood player than an all-star. Alas, his contributions to entertainment world will live on forvever, notably his appearance promoting the (channeling Chevy Chase in “Three Amigos” here) in-famous Adam Sandler debacle “Don’t Mess With The Zohan”.

Try to watch this without wretching, I dare you.

And finally, let’s remember the highlight of Baron’s Clipper tenure, when he threw a lob pass through the sunroof of a car to Blake Griffin during the dunk contest.

What, are you suggesting he had a better moment as a Clipper? 

Needless to say, the smartest thing the Clippers can do is distance themselves from the mistakes of the recent past, and with Mike Dunleavy and Baron having been run out of town it’s two down, Chris Kaman to go.

Of course, some would say they feel sorry for Baron, what with being exiled to pretty much the least desirable NBA destination there is.

Not me.

You see, every once in a while life throws a little karmic justice at those who really need it, and when that happens,it’s enough to shine a light on even the darkest of places. I’ll enjoy this one. Hope Baron does too.

After all, he earned every bit of it.

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