You know, the one where they run the Y2k test and the ESPN building degenerates into sheer pandemonium, with mascots beating the snot out of each other with a wild-eyed Charley Steiner exhorting you to follow him to freedom?

This was close to that.

Indeed, an insane amount of trades and rumors were flying witch reckless abandon (including one that came in just after the deadline and thus didn’t actually count), including two of the top 15 players in the league switching teams and a move that might just shift the balance of power in the West come May and June.

I mean, was that fun or what? I personally Can’t remember a deadline where so much crazy stuff happened, most of it in the final 24 hours. Of course, alot of teams were making moves with the impending work stoppage in mind, but several of these trades were actually basketball decisions with an eye toward the Playoffs.

That still is the point of this whole thing, after all.

Now that the dust is sort of settled, we’ll reflect on some of what happened. No, we aren’t talking about the Melo crap anymore, or at least not until they fail in the first round of the playoffs (because they traded all their depth away) when we check in to say “I told you so”. Everything we have to say about the whole, sordid affair can be found here, here and here.


Easily the best part of the Deron Williams trade was the fact that nobody saw it coming, and thus we were spared all the nonsense that accompanied the Carmelo saga.

Personnel-wise, the Nets paid less than they were willing to give up for Anthony and actually got a better player in the bargain. Neat trick for the Russian and his henchmen.

Of course, Williams might have his own ideas about playing in Jersey.


Look at the dejection in Kirk’s eyes in the weird-ass portrait above.
Anyhow, imagine Mr. Hinrich yesterday.  Sitting alone somewhere, completely (and wisely) isolated from his Wizards teammates.  Probably just staring at his phone, desperately.
“Ring, damn you… RING.”
Then, it actually happened.  Hinrich got shipped off to Atlanta, a team that wins, and got the hell off that non-profit shelter for troubled basketball players also known as the Washington Wizards. I’ll bet you he cried.  I would have cried.  I’d also bet he immediately sprinted to the airport as quick as he could (before somebody changed their mind), but not before sending this e-mail:
Subject:  LATERZ.
Yo guys.  I’m out.  Out like Mubarak in Egypt.  Out like Anthony Mason’s waistline.  Gone.  You two try and hang in there.  I’ll see you when we beat you.  HOLLA.
– Kirk-a-licious
Nice move for the Hawks, as they got themselves a guy who can run it and offloaded the still-productive yet slowly-dying Mike Bibby and a guy like Jordan Crawford who, let’s face it, isn’t going to do much other than shoot and have a bad attitude.  In other words, he’ll fit in great with the Wiz.
This one came in just under the deadline, and it was a doozy. Here’s how it breaks down:
Boston parts with one of their many centers, and unquestionably the most effective defender of the lot in Kendrick Perkins and the zany antics of Nate Robinson in exchange for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic.
To sum it up, Danny Ainge decided that he’d need a skilled offensive forward that would allow the Celtics the luxury of being able to go small or big against the likes of orlando and Miami in the post-season, lest they suffer the same fate Cleveland did in 2009 when their bigs were run ragged by Orlando’s unorthodox forwards. Now, he can still use Shaq to beat up on the Miami bigs and also be able to match up with Orlando’s smurfy unit. A frontline rotation of Kevin Garnett, Shaq, Big Baby, Krstic and Jeff Green covers all the bases.
Honestly, I admire Ainge’s nerve here. Green is a free-agent next year (as was Perkins) and this is clearly and all-in move in pursuit of the Title now. Of course, it’s totally risky to part with Perk, but I doubt Oklahoma City would have accepted anything less.
Also, you gotta love this move for the Thunder. It’s clear they were far apart on a contract extension for Green, and GM Sam Presti jumped on his chance to flip an asset for the thing the Thunder needed most: A little beef in the middle.
Combine this with a lesser trade they made to get Nazr Mohammed from Charlotte and OKC now is considerable tougher in the paint as well as versatile. Say what you will about Mohammed, but dude can score a bit, and the prospect of Perkins and Sege Ibaka playing together in the frontcourt is pretty fucking scary if you are a Laker fan. Nate Robinson is a also a pretty intriguing addition for a team who thrives at  a faster pace.
If this isn’t enough, Oklahoma City is going to be a way under the salary cap next year. The time for the Thunder to be serious contenders is upon us, and barring a freak injury this team isn’t going away anytime soon.
So yeah, this trade is a pretty big deal. 
Bad news is,  as a Laker fan I can’t escape Perkins’ ridiculous, comically overdone tough guy scowl no matter how hard I try. Fuck that guy.
On the heels of reinventing the boundaries of the dunk contest last year, Gerald Wallace is now set to tear it up on behalf of the Trail Blazers, who shipped big man and shower-aficianado, Joel Przybilla, to Charlotte in return. A decent enough trade for both teams. The Bobcats mainly benefit from offloading Wallace’s big contract (making $10 million this year and set to make $11 million next year), while Portland continues to stockpile talent. Wallace brings his impressive package of energy, athleticism, and grit to a team that, while not elite, is a tough night for anybody and figures to be right in the mix of the Western Conference playoffs. Wallace also brings his transcendant creativity/intelligence that has been alluded to on many occasions here at SOSB. This tweet, sent out by Wallace earlier today, demonstrates his mental acumen:

@NBAFans just got the news. headed to portland. Roy, Aldridge, here I come! Maine ain’t never gonna be the same!
2:47 PM Feb 24th, 2011 via web

Geography aside, Wallace has his mind right.

Not to be outdone, Przybilla hit Portland executives with a tweet on his thoughts:

@RichCho_GM @PAllenOwnsBlazers i hate you guys so god damned much
2:47 PM Feb 24th, 2011 via Twitter for iPad

Reason to be excited (yet again) in Charlotte!  But seriously, not the worst place for Joel to head to.  Considering his massive health issues over the past few years, it’s probably best to get the hell out of Portland.


Poor Celtic fans. First, they said goodbye to official player mascot Brian Scalabrine, who departed via free agency over the summer, now the C’s have gone and traded his replacement Luke Harangody to the Cavaliers. No wonder the whole town is up in arms about Boston’s deadline moves. Shit, I’m mad too,
come to think of it!
I mean, who in the hell is gonna fill the “awkward towel waving white boy” role for this team now? The Celts only have one white guy left on the team (is that legal?) and Nenad Kristic is simply too sexy for the job.
Maybe that’s why I keep hearing these Troy Murphy rumors?. Credit Ainge for being smart enough to know that you have to do what you can to give the fans a guy they can relate to.

You know what they say: You can’t teach height. That Memphis GM Chris Wallace was seduced by the tallness of Thabeet as many personnel men smarter than he have been in the past (as detailed here) is no great surprise, but you can’t help but worry that they gave up on him him too soon.
I mean, at least hire a life coach or a big man whisperer or something before you give up on the number 2 pick of the draft, you know?
Pretty sure Morey is calling Tony Robbins as we speak.
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