Trying to discern wild speculation and outright fiction from actual reporting in 2012 is like a mouthful of sores, and trust me, a mouthful of sores ain’t no fun.

Nevertheless, just for shits and giggles I’m gonna keep a running diary of the “stories” printed today pertaining to the Carmelo Anthony trade situation, along with my own take on said stories.

This should be fun.

ESPN says ‘Melo will meet with Nets owner this weekend in LA. 

Of course, the very first line of the story claims that said owner has re-stated his claim that the Nets are not interested.

 Well, that’s embarrassing.

ESPN New York reports Melo says he has no meeting scheduled with Nets

Not for nothing, but it really brakes my heart to see the ESPN factions fighting like this. I mean, can’t we even agree to print reckless shit that doesn’t contradict the other reckless shit we already said?

Truly a sad day for the worldwide leader.

The Bergen Record says Nuggets and Nets have a agreed to trade as long as Anthony is willing to sign with Nets

Of course, another New Jersey (yes, there are two of them) paper claims no such deal has been made, thus making one of them a liar, or whatever.

ESPN’S “THE BUCH” says ‘melo will sign with Nets if Knicks can’t get a trade done

Are you getting dizzy yet?

So to recap, ESPN says Melo has a metting with the nets, ESPN says Melo doesnt, some paper in Jersey says the Nets are getting him if he signs, Bucher says he will if he goes the Knicks can’t get a deal done and Chris Bosh was almost killed by a maniacal Giraffe.

Wait, how’d that get mixed in there?

My bad.

 Back with more updates as the (fake) stories progress…


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