More garbage from Hedo Turkoglu last night.

The “Orlando oaf” had a two-handed throwdown on Tony Battie, and then kinda stood there and taunted, as if to say, “WHAT” or something. Like he was Darryl Dawkins, or ‘Nique, or VC before the wheels fell off. A nice little dunk, but fairly standard:

Of course, he follows it up with his typical, “rumble down the court with a stupid grin on his face” reaction. My thing is this: you can’t get all goofy over dunks like that until you’re at least 3 months past a failed dunk like this:

Turk clearly claims he was fouled on the play to try and save face (which is hideous). The slow-mo shows the respective hands of Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd lightly grazing him, at best.

Sadly, Van Gundy wants Hedo to be “more aggressive.” HA HA! Good luck with that. “Try harder,” says Stan. You better give him “BALL” and let him shoot about 40 times a game.


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