In case you missed it, the Cavaliers, already owners of the worst record in the NBA this year, were given a 112-57 prison style sodomizing by the Lakers last night, setting a franchise record for fewest points and biggest margin of loss ever.
How did their former leader feel about it?
LOVE this kind of shit,  but honestly it’s either really funny or really cruel, depending on who it’s aimed at.
I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s talking to Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert and Cavs fans, not his former teammates.
I mean, Delonte West isn’t even there anymore, and I can’t imagine he cares enough about the rest of them scrubs.
Still, this bad guy persona is a much better look than the pandering, “what do you want from me???” dude we saw after The Decision blew up in his face.
Embrace it, I say. Basketball hasn’t had a real anti-hero since Dennis Rodman hung his dress up, and LeBron has enough people made enough at him to do this on a bigger scale than anything we’ve ever scene.
I can only hope.

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