Just this past Friday night, Vladimir Radmanovic dunked:

Sort of cool, right? It’s kinda on Antawn Jamison and Vlad Rad looks like a robot the entire time. As one-third of the “NBA Euro Sleaze Committee” (along with Peja Stojakovic and HEDO), Radmanovic is probably best known for being referred to as “my favorite Martian” by Phil Jackson or seperating his shoulder after “slipping on a patch of ice” in Utah prior to the 2007 All-Star Game (in actuality, he did it snowboarding and, once he admitted that, was fined $500,000). Of course, he’s also well-regarded for his 3-pointing shooting prowess and the fact that he’ll chuck shots up with seemingly very little regard for the sanctity of the game.

Anyhow, every once and a while, he dunks. Quite often, it’s a memorable moment. For example, there was this nice one against the Lakers, where he might have taken a few too many steps:

There was also this one, where Vlad Rad comes flying in quite weakly, and then seemingly disappears for a few seconds behind the basket:

… oh, sorry. That was Radmanovic being dunked ON by Joe Alexander.

Moving along, there are plenty of clips that can be found of our boy throwing down on some of the games currently great big men (Duncan, Amar’e, NENE), but they’re all pretty pedestrian. Rather than show those, I’d like to end things with the classic Vlad slam. In this one, the man throws it down with two-hands… and then nearly kills himself:

So, there you go. Keep your eyes on Radmanovic at all times, because the potential of a memory-making scene is always there. And, although you can’t spell “dunk” using the letters in his name, you CAN spell “airman.” Other possibilities include “radical,” “carnival,” “animal,” “madman”, “diva,” and “drama.”

As a bonus, here is a clip of a nice little dance number from “AIRMAN,” after draining a three in a blowout victory:

Against the T-Wolves and everything. Way to go.

– Verbally dunk on ME at weslilliman@aol.com

(Editors note) Can’t resist to throw in my wacky Vlad Rad story.

My brother and I waged about 15 years worth of vicious NBA Live battles, usually ending in arguments and sometimes bloodhsed.

 Just kidding.

Sort of.

Anyway, there was one day when our disagreement got particulary bitter, centered around the fact that the only reason I was winning was because I was using a better team. The solution? well, if we play each other with the same team, the best player will surely triumph. Sounds reasonable in a crazy sort of way, right?

The team we setlled on? The 2005 Sonics, featuring the aforementioned Radmanovic.

So we get into the game, and at some point, there was a foul call that the announcer narrated thusly:
“Radmonic, hacked by… Radmanovic!”.

After a brief silence, my brother calmly paused the game, stood up and announced, “Dude, this shit is gonna give me a panic attack. I goota go man, I’ll call you later”.

And with that, he was gone.

Not sure what the point is, other than I find it fitting that the guy Phil Jackson once called a space cadet was responsible for my brother’s near mental breakdown.

I love my brother. Vlad too, i guess.


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