I’m officially giving Portland permission to complain.
A few days ago, brother Hathwell talked about how his sleeper team, the Warriors, have been slowed significantly by a freak injury (and the ensuing infection) that David Lee suffered at the TEETH of Wilson Chandler.

Right now, I’m going to talk about how I called Portland a “team cursed” in my team preview, and how much I failed to emphasize that. Recognize this?


That’s Greg Oden. Hurt. Out for the season. Again. The guy can’t THINK about walking without blowing out a knee. Of course, Blazers fans are almost used to his woes by now. It’s kinda like getting hit so many times that it stops hurting. Or just drinking yourself to sleep every night. The problem’s still there, but let’s not waste our thoughts on it anymore. How about this image?


There’s a new one! That’s Jeff Pendergraph, and he looks like he’s enjoying himself. Refreshing, only in the sense that he hasn’t been on the Blazers Injury Train before. They had to wheel his ass off the court that night. It’s not like he’s Brett Favre and the body has been broken over years of abuse/idiocy. No, Jeff’s 23 years-old. Promising. And then there’s this:


This one (figuratively) hurts the most. Brandon Roy. One of the top talents in the league and the face of the franchise for years to come. The guy has a legitimate shot to be one of the greatest Blazers of all-time. Well, he did, until BOTH knees started acting up.

This isn’t some “ACL tear” or something like that, which is terribly destructive but at least has a fix that often works out. Instead, Roy’s left knee is so messed up (due to degenerative and arthritic conditions that have resulted in that fun, bone-on-bone action) that he’s actu
ally considering a variation of the  Tommy John surgery:

That means taking a ligament from somewhere else in his body and using it to replace his meniscus, WHICH IS GONE. Hey, I hope it works, but how promising does the situation honestly sound?

Oh, and also, his right knee is going to hell because he has to use it all the time. Because his left knee is dead.

I feel for Portland. The only pro franchise that the city has (I’m not counting their new MLS team – come on now) is clearly doomed. I know they drafted Bowie instead of Jordan but, for Christ’s sake, that’s way in the past.

I’m assuming LaMarcus Aldridge’s legs will just fall off during a game one night (he’s had a slew of injuries, as well). I don’t know what’s next. Furthermore, I don’t know how guys like Drexler and Terry Porter lasted as long as they did. Maybe it’s because they both eventually got the hell out of Portland.

To sum it all up, it’s a damn shame. Of course, many will tell you that a lot of these players had red flags concerning their health prior to being drafted, so some of it is perhaps on the organization for drafting these guys. But seriously, this is ridiculous.

Oh, and Elliot Williams is also out for the year with a knee injury, but at this point, who isn’t? I don’t wanna talk about it.

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