The More Things Change, The More HEDO Stays The Same…
I told you all Hedo doesn’t care unless he’s in a situation where he can win the prize.
Seriously, Phoenix found out what Toronto found out and what every other sub-elite team will ever know/learn about Hedo: if you aren’t bound for glory, then the guy couldn’t care less.
Hedo, of course, got traded back to the Magic a couple of weeks ago, and all is well again. His stats are up across the board and he’s smiling again. Yes, that stupid grin of an oaf in paradise is back. He went from this:


… to this:


… and to this:


… and, God damn, to this:


More touches, more spotlight, and better championship chances makes Hedo a happy boy. The only thing he’ll miss about Phoenix are probably some of the clubs or something. Oh well… Orlando has a club IN THEIR ARENA, for Christ’s sake.

In closing, Hedo’s back where he should be and where I can resume hating him with a passion. In a way, it kind of seems “right” to me… like this is how it is supposed to be. However, in a more accurate way, it makes me miserable. The jersey has changed, but the philosophy stays the same:



Wes Lilliman can be accosted at


One thought on “THE EVIL THAT HE DO

  1. thanks for stopping by my blog…i visited your other page too…i used to ride the RTD(rough tough and dangerous) back in the day…so that bus story hits

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