This  would be the Celtics’ reaction to Paul Pierce’s game-winning shot last night in New York in the first significant meeting between the two teams in years (and one Knicks players had been playing up all week).
I’m still 50/50 on whether this is the greatest shit i’ve seen in years or a classless display of bad-guy pro wrestler proportions. Shit, both I guess.

But hey, the world needs villains, right?

Thing is, these guys have been the most hated team in the league since Kevin Garnett arrived four years ago, and you’re fucking crazy if you think they’re gonna let those johnny-come-latelies in Miami come in and steal all their thunder.

You see, there’s being hated, and there is being a dick. Boston is both, and honestly it’s good for the sport, just like the Pat Riley Knicks and the Detroit Bad Boys.

As a Laker fan. I look forward to the rubber match this June, and another crack at rooting against a team I legitimately cannot stand.

That’s what it’s all about, baby.


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