WHO DOESN'T LOVE DONALD STERLING? (Not a trick question)

I mean, the wacky old coot heckled his OWN PLAYER for being fat.


Don’t get me wrong, I know Sterling is the most universally reviled owner in american pro sports, and it ain’t for nothing. Between the history of futility, the constant meddling, the years of under-paying his players, the  lawsuits against him for his Slumlordery (I made a word!), and his alleged racist comments regarding former players, I’d say the guy is a lock for the Asshole Hall Of Fame (a great idea, btw). He is legend.

Thing is, he’s right on the goddamn money with this one. I mean, he’s paying Baron Davis THIRTEEN MILLION DOLLARS this year (and 27 mil. for two years beyond this one), and if it’s for him to be anything but a fat asshole, I assure you he isn’t getting his moneys’ worth.

Is it unprofessional for an owner to act like that? Well, certainly no more or less so than Davis for taking that much money and not bothering to show up in shape for three years running. Face it, Baron essentially nuked a team with  a wealth of young talent and two All-star caliber players under the age of 23, all by being a no account bum when all he needed to do was be an adequate leader for a team that made him it’s highest paid guy.

Instead, he shows up portly, gets publicly chastised by his own coach for being a slob, gets “hurt”, and sits for several weeks while the team, left without a proven back-up point guard, proceeds to lose about 94 games in a row. Make no mistake about it, there is no fucking way a team with this much talent should have the worst record in the NBA, and it’s all Baron’s fault.

Heckle away, I say.

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