Who knew?

Sure, it happens every year, and sometimes it’s rendered meaningless by the end of November, but every once in awhile a perrenial doormat makes a quantum the leap in one summer, and often completely under the radar.

These guys could be those guys.

Call it a product of the newfound optimism that comes with the ownership change (and finally putting Don Nelson out of his misery), or the early promising returns from the addition of David Lee and Dorrell Wright’s eye-popping stats thru three games. Maybe Monta has figured it out (crazy, I know). Whatever the reasons, the fact is, this team looks good, and almost as importantly, exciting to watch.

It started on opening night, where the GSW’s beat a good Rocket team by doing what they do: run, run and run some more. 132 points (and a career high 46 for Monta Ellis) should be enough to beat anybody, even if it was only by four, and with solid efforts from Stephen Curry and David Lee, the new Warrior offensive looked immense.

Of course, they only managed a meager 109 points in game two, but since the starters shot 64%, and they were playing the FUCKING CLIPPERS, the Waririors won in a blow-out.

On the darker side, Steph Curry sprained his ankle in garbage time, robbing me a of chance to see how this team stacks up against the world champs. Sans Curry, the Lakers stomped ’em without breaking a sweat.

Regardless, I like what they’ve got here. Ellis, Curry and Lee is a pretty high-powered trio, and what’s impressed me is what they did in the off-season to fill in around these guys. Wright looks really good in this system, filling the lane on breaks and knocking down open threes as a result of the attention Curry and Ellis attract, Rodney Carney and Reggie Williams fit the athletic mold of this team, Biedrins, Gadzuric and Charlie Bell give them at least the appearance of a team that is trying to play defense, and Vlad Radmanovic gives them…

…well, I’m still trying to figure that one out, to be honest.

And to give this love letter an exlamation point, this team has an X-factor, as former lottery pick Brendan Wright is finally healthy and looks like he might actually be the athletic power forward they thought they were trading for three years ago.

So yeah, I know the season is a week old, Monta Ellis is a chuck and Beidrins is made of popsicle sticks.

I say whatever to all that nonsense. I like these guys.

With that said, check back with me at the end of November to see if I’ve changed my mind.

John Hathwell can be reached at jonnyhath1@yahoo.com


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