As much as it pains me to say this, you have to give Danny Ainge credit.

Coming off a season in which his aging team had been left for dead by most experts, only to gird their loins sufficiently enough to rip through the Eastern Conference Play-offs as the #4 seed and come within one good quarter of winning the NBA championship before simply running out of gas, the old crybaby was faced with a tough choice this summer…

Should they stay or should they go?

That is, was it time to break up the Big Three and start anew, or does he bring back the aging warriors for one more run at the ring, after coming so, so close?

Truth is, he did neither, really.

Not only did he bring back Paul Pierce and Ray Allen (and lil Nate), Ainge went all-in, spending what it took to bring in a fleet of very tall men including the O’neal’s (Shaq, and Jermaine, no relation) and Rookie Semih Erden, giving the C’s a ridiculous amount of big men to throw at Orlando’s Dwight Howard and the Heat’s less than impressive front line.

Not finished there, Danny added two more talented guards to round out what was already one of the deepest teams going. Sure Von Wafer and Delonte West are both on the nutty side, but Ainge knows that this team is almost indestuctable chemisty-wise, with officer garnett and Coach Rivers there to keep everyone in a straight line.

What all this means is that the Celtics are ready, injuries or not, take make loud noises come April.

Take a good look at this roster. Sure, these guys aren’t exactly precocious, but the starting line-up is one of the league’s best, and the bench is as deep as the ocean, with answers at every position. The front court rotation, even with Kendrick Perkins sidelined for the first few months, is incredible. Being able to throw a unit of Garnett, both O’neal’s and Big Baby Davis out there on a nightly basis is a luxury every team wishes it had,. Of course, it wouldn’t be wise to sell the back court short, not when it boasts two future Hall of Famers and the one of the best young point guards in the sport.

Yeah, there would appear to be a fair amount of intrigue on this team, with questions ranging from  how they’ll keep all of these guys happy in regard to playing time, to what happens to the Center rotation when Perkins gets back, and the still developing “whose team is it?” story involving Rondo and the big 3, but all of that stuff is just fodder for the media. This team would appear too professional to get caught up in that mess.

Perhaps of more concern, some of the new guys have added an infusion of playfulness that the team has lacked in recent years, most notably The Arrival of the Big Attention seeker (aka Shaquille O’ Neal), whose publicity stunt (He went to Harvard Square and posed as a statue so people could take pictures with him. Seriously) caused the uber-serious Garnett to scoff, “I will not be taking taking pictures of Shaq with bird shit and all types of other people taking pictures”.

Okay, then.

 It’s also safe to say that KG is also not paying much attention to Shaq and Nate Robinson’s mock twitter feud, which was highlighted by Robinson sneak dunking the big fella.

Needless to say, all of this stuff is fun and games until KG blows his stack and tells these guys to get serious. I’d say the over/under for this is, oh, October 26th.

Tomfoolery aside, this should be one helluva of a ride for Boston, maybe their last. And if Paul Pierce can still carry the load, it might just have the ultimate happy ending.

IF THEY GET LUCKY: Championship, parade, ride off into the sunset.

 This team is plenty good enough, and the only luck they’ll need is on the injury side. Of course, it would help if Garnett has somewhat regained his form and Ray Allen can make a few more shots than he did in last years’ finals.

IF THEY DONT: They will simply get old, and by that I mean they’ll start to show it in meaningful ways. I tend to think this roster is deep enough to absorb some injuries, but this is a fairly geriatric bunch, so it’s not out of the question that they could start dropping like this lady.

REALITY:  Fact is, Boston snuck up on everyone in the Playoffs last year with a team full of seasoned pros that knew they needed to peak at the right time, and this years team is fully stocked with enough pieces to withstand whatever health issues they’ll face over 82 games.

The way I see it, they are big enough to handle Miami and too rugged for Orlando. Whether they can avenge the loss to Lakers is another matter, but it’ll be a whole lot of fun (for all of us) to find out.


Russell, the cornerstone of ELEVEN Celtic Championships, was stolen from the Rochester Royals when Boston owner William Brown offered Royals’ ownership several weeks of the touring play “The Ziegfield Follies” if only they would not select big Bill. Sadly, such deals were allowed in the early days of the NBA.

Of course, if you check the Celtics’ Wiki page,  it makes only a vague reference to Boston selecting Russell after “negotiating” with Rochester. 

I love that.

Even better, I found some other bullshit story (on, no less!) where it’s claimed that Red swung the trade to move up to the #2 spot because he KNEW Rochester wasn’t willing draft Russell for Basketball reasons.

So yeah, Boston, more than half of your precious 17 championships are BUILT ON A LIE!!!

What’s that you say?

No, I’m not a life-long Laker fan. Why do you ask?


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