WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU… STILL HURTS VERY BADLY – 2010/2011 Minnesota Timberwolves Previe

By Wes Lilliman 

Head Coach: Kurt Rambis 

Projected Rotation: 

PG – Luke Ridnour
SG – Corey Brewer
SF – Michael Beasley
PF – Kevin Love 
C – Darko Milicic
G – Jonny Flynn
G – Sebastian Telfair
G – Wayne Ellington
F – Wesley Johnson
F – Martell Webster
F – Anthony Tolliver
C – Kosta Koufos 

Okay, I’m not even going to try and mask the fact that this preview is going to suck. It’s quite fitting, considering the team we’re talking about. What is there to like about the Minnesota Timberwolves? Alright, let’s see. They’re young. They’ve got a handful of dudes who have potential. Corey Brewer can dunk well. Realistically, though, this is still a franchise run with David Kahn as your president.  

What that means is about 700 point guards, letting Al Jefferson get away for absolutely nothing, and statements like, “Michael Beasley is a rare talent.” Kurt Rambis is back as the head coach, as well. After last year’s 15-win explosion, why not?! I loved Rambis as a player, and he could very well turn out to be a terrific coach one day. Unfortunately, good luck to anybody who has to deal with the roster he has and the front office that will likely continue to dig the team further and further into the ground.

Here are the actual positives, though. Kevin Love is developing into a quality big man who hits the boards with tenacity and is basically a guaranteed double-double out there. Of course, they’ll probably find a way to keep him off the floor or he’ll get hurt or something, but it looks good for him right now. There’s also something to be semi-excited about at point guard, with Jonny Flynn handling the ball. Of course, Flynn struggled last year and won’t even be available for the first part of the season, but he was good in college and that one dunk on some guy! Flynn’s stand-ins while he recovers? Luke Ridnour and Sebastian Telfair! 

I’m done talking about the Minnesota point guards. The franchise is also attempting to double as a rehab center for guys who got drafted really high and have,
well, not exactly lived up to expectations at the pro level. Darko Milicic returns (!), along with the freshly-added Beasley (who will NO LONGER BE HIGH, according to Kahn). The Wolves are counting on these two to revitalize their careers – I’m counting the days until we watch this team mess up on draft night yet again. Guess what? I’m likely to win that race. Speaking of draft night, this year’s first round pick WAS NOT A POINT GUARD. Instead, Minnesota opted for swingman Wesley Johnson. This adds to the bevy of players of the same ilk that they already had. Brewer, Martell Webster, and Wayne Ellington are all similarly long and athletic guys. You’d think one of them would work out, but think about who we’re talking about again. The negatives are basically everything else. The coaching is unproven. The talent (outside of Love) is a huge question mark. Finding a rotation that works should be a nightmare, and watching that process should be even worse. I’d go deeper into detail, but there’s no need. 

IF THEY GET LUCKY: Kevin Garnett comes back. Hell, while we’re at it, so does Tom Gugliotta.

IF THEY DON’T: (see “Reality”) 

REALITY: It’s the Wolves and they’ll suck again. Can they best their epic record of last year? Probably – by about 2 or 3 wins. Face it: it’s back to the lottery and likely another mess of a first-round pick for Minnesota. If nothing else, it’s entertaining in a morbid sort of way.  

BONUS SECTION: The “bonus” is that I’m not doing a “bonus section” and letting you move on to other team previews. Stop wasting your time here.

(editor’s note: I can’t do the fans of Minnesota like this. here’s a video of Ricky Rubio, the awesome Italian point that your simp of GM drafted over the likes of Stephen Curry and Brandon Jennings. You know, the guy who likely will never play for the Wolves. Enjoy.)


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